Sting Spanking Classic “No Stars Just Stripes 4” (Part 1 of 2)

The Team Manager is determined that this season will be successful and the pressure is being put on! The Coaches have been told to step up the training schedule but things aren’t quite going to plan and a more disciplined method of training is being taken up.

The younger Coach, Mr Norton (Travis McKinnon) is the first to go in to action.

Disappointed with the attitude of one of his team captains, Jordan Watts (Johnny Hayward) he drags him in to the changing room for a good talking too.

However a talking to is not the only thing he has in mind and soon Watts is over the younger Coach’s knee getting a good spanking!


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Now this hunk of a player’s bottom is bared and the spanking steps up a notch. He’s really getting it but it going to be the flat wooden paddle that penetrates through, scorching poor Watts firm backside red raw.





The Team Manager on discovering this commotion takes the view that perhaps the players would be more motivated if the Coaches themselves paid more attention to effective training.

What’s good for the goose as they say and young Coach Norton now finds himself across the manager’s knee! He’s going to receive a bare bottom spanking just as he has given to Jordan Watts!





The paddle too comes in to play but having cracked in to so many young hunks muscular bare backsides eventually splits in two. Not though before the manager has lain on a good number of fiery licks to the young Coaches raw butt cheeks!






Scene two to follow

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Spanking Classic “No Stars Just Stripes 4” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I brought this film quite a while ago – one of my absolute favorites – LOVED the turn about story lines and it stars two of the most handsome (in my opinion) spankers in the entire cast of STING actors. Travis is an all time favorite of mine (miss him very much hope he and Joey Whyte will come back and make more films) and the second young coach – I do not believe I ever saw him before or after in another spanking film. Shame that – he was fantastic. Wish him and Travis had a go at one another. Might just have to purchase again because at the time I could not afford the HD version of the film.

    1. Hi again Kass Sting are hoping to get both Travis and Joey back at some point in the furure, so lets keep our fingers crossed. The actor Lloyd Franke who played the Coach in “No Stars Just Stripes 4” also appeared in two Hornet releases “Approved Education – Serving Two Masters” and “What the Eyes Don’t see”

  2. Travis McKinnon and Lloyd Franke are good-looking, muscular young man who also responds to a spanking in a demonstrative way – i.e., lots of grimaces, grunts, groans, squirming, kicking his legs, etc. I hope to see more of both of them in future Sting videos.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Both Travis and Lloyd gave good performances, Travis in particular was often very demonstrative when he was being spanked. Unfortunately, that video is a classic which was first released in 2014, and both actors have since retired from filming.

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