Another Sting Spanking classic was the 2010 release “See No Evil” starring Danny, Darren, Ed Williams and Danny Walsh

Sting Spanking Classic: See No Evil

The quiet of the night is broken with the sound of crunching glass and scrapping metal. The Geography master Harry Rawlins car is involved in an accident only he wasn’t driving it! Now an investigation is launched by the headmaster.

High on the list of suspects are two sixth form borders Brian Markham and Richard Hawkins (Darren and Danny) but so far nobody will snitch on these two rascals!

First up for interrogation is young Zac Hastings (Danny Walsh) already in trouble with the head and due for a good spanking. However if he can give some information useful leading to the discovery of the take and drive miscreants things might go a little easier for him. It’s not long before names are being named.


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Also on the investigation team is deputy head John Leden his angle of interrogation is via another younger student Paul Lacey (Ed Williams). Using his bargaining skills and also the threat of a good spanking before bedtime he begins to build a picture of what really went on.




For Markham and Hawkins the net is closing in.

Finally confronted by the exasperated headmaster the game is up and both boys, even as older students, receive some good old school over the knee spanking followed all in good time with a dose of the punishment cane.







For them now with burning backsides it can no longer be a case of See No Evil.



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See No Evil


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Title 2257

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