Another Sting Spanking Classic in the original 2011 first episode of

Sorts Report

Three short stories featuring a sports related background. Firstly, two boys (Brandon Junior & Rowan Hunter) fall out during a friendly boxing practice. An angry swing by one of them without his gloves on results in a bloody nose for the other, all unfortunately seen by the sports master (Dexter) He wastes no time in arranging a sharp disciplinary session for them. Both bend over the vaulting horse together for a spanking in their boxing shorts and then on their now reddened bare bottoms.




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However after this he isn’t finished. Individually they are called back to straddle the horse for a good strapping. This arouses more than a few yelps and gasps as the sports master is surprised to see. He’s now getting ideas for the future!





Next the local Policeman sends home two brother’s Ryan (Rafael) and Gary (Rico) for causing a problem at the sports centre. Ryan is sent home first while the officer checks some facts with Gary and takes his first spanking


After this his brother Gary takes a red hot butt spanking followed by a session with the strap that cracks down its painful message!




In the last part of this trilogy Dexter is back in his PT office when a lad in his house (Carlos Fernandez) reports to him for truancy. Having just showered he orders the boy to the headmaster. The lad pleads for him to deal with it, so somewhat annoyed the young PT master does just that. Out comes his trusty white gym shoe and soon the boy is bent over touching his toes for a good welting from its stinging rubber sole.


After this the boy is ordered to lay across the vaulting horse for a final spanking and a mouthful from the young PT master. However, this is not a telling off but more a pleasure for the master and perhaps more punishment for the hapless truant!


This story has a mixture of the Sting plus brand and contains some light sexual content. You asked for it so here it is in Sports Report!


By Bruce

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    1. Hi Corey
      That video was made a few years back, since then Brandon has moved on from the adult movies industry, and now runs his own successful business in the catering sector

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