Scenes three and four of the Sting Spanking Classic

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study 13

Unlucky For Some

One particular fifth former Sudbury (New StingLad Jimmy Green) is a habitual truant. The Headmaster believe that perhaps being dealt with by the boys Housemaster, the fit young PE coach (Travis McKinnon) might just bring him round.

The young coach wastes no time in getting the hapless young Sudbury over his knee and quickly turns his bare bottom a blushing deep shade of red.


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However it’s up on the gym horse, naked and stretched out, that real regret from Sudbury kicks in. The PE coach’s old brown leather army strap cracks down on to the lad’s defenceless burning bare bottom.



Forrester (Luke Radley) is an old hand but he too gets caught now and again. This time its smoking in the dormitory, strictly forbidden because of the fire hazard. He too is ordered to report straight to The young PE Coach.


It’s humiliating when you are the top dog to have to lay across a fit young man’s lap like the PE Coach’s, then get you bare bottom slapped for breaking the rules.






However, it’s probably more so when this fit PE Coach takes both a strap and cane to your sore bare bottom whilst bent over the vaulting horse as well.

Yelping and crying out won’t put Coach off his stroke. As they say it’s just Unlucky for some!


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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Spanking Classic “Tales from The Headmaster’s Study 13” Part 2 plus video preview”
  1. I can not recommend this film more highly! It is wonderful! I have own it for years – made me adore Travis – he fits that jockstrap like God intended. Purchasing it again cause I want the HD version.

  2. I too admire this video. I agree with Kass – Travis McKinnon looked great in that jockstrap and tanktop. Too bad that they didn’t have another scene in which Travis got in trouble and was spanked himself while wearing that outfit! 🙂

    This video is also noteworthy in that both Rudi Vallance and Luke Radley were spanked OTK while wearing in what is in my opinion the ideal underwear for a spanking video. The briefs are tight-fitting to accentuate the buttocks, and the coverage on the sides is low. They look a bit like a Speedo swimsuit. They are called bikini briefs or low-rise briefs.

    Bruce, I wish you could arrange for the models being spanked in future Sting videos to wear these kind of briefs, in either white or in colours.

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