The Clinic 2
Starring Don Diego, James Holt, Johan Volny and Ariel Varga

The doctor usually knows the right treatment for most situations, and with two unlucky lads their Doctors quickly prescribe exactly the treatment they need, and proceed to administer it

When Dr Stone (James Holt) was on his rounds he became the unfortunate victim of car theft. His mobile phone, absent mindedly forgotten in the car, was the subject of the robbery, when a young hoodlum broke into his car.

A few days later a young patient (Don Diego) is attending his clinic, the very same young miscreant who had earlier that week stolen the doctors phone. Unfortunately that very same phone now, in the hands of the lad, begins to ring. He is quickly found out to be the culprit and whatever the cost will now have to take what the doctor deems fit as suitable treatment.

In this boys case its going to be a good bare bottom spanking, something quite humiliating that this young man has not had to face for a while.

And the spanking isn’t the end of it!!


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The well deserved spanking is followed by a harsh whipping with a very stingy and pliable switch, face down on the examination table!

As a final prick in the tail for the now very sore bottomed young thief, the Doctor administers a vitimin shot none too gently into the lad’s burning butt cheek

Another Doctor (Johann Volny) has been kept waiting too long for young patient.

This particular boy, Patrick ( Ariel Varga) is also known to be quite cheeky. This doesn’t go down well with the overly busy Doctor Volny and this time he decides to take action and teach the lad a real lesson!

The Doctor intends that this visit will include another remedy to treat Patrick’s bad behaviour and annoying youthful boldness. He needs to learn his place and this time, whether he likes it or not, its going to be over the doctors knee for a good hard spanking.

Next, an examination of how well a thick leather strap can painfully punish an insolent boy’s backside, its bands of fire bringing a deep red glow to his bare bottom!



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By Bruce

3 thoughts on ““The Clinic 2””
  1. Don Diego’s reactions are so fabulously great. I love him so much that I even bought a CFNM video to watch him squirm.

  2. Wow – thanks for featuring Don Diego – he looks amazing in his tight black jeans. When he strips down we are then treated to his gorgeous body.Excellent video with James Holt. Like hisroyalheinie also enjoy his animated reactions. Also appreciate his other videos with Sting only disappointment is his back catalouge is not more extensive. Would love to see Don Diego back at Sting if he’s still doing videos.

    Sting features a great variety of models but I would suggest a little underserved with slighty older more muscular guys with Don Diegos physique. Its great when we see James Holt and Ryan on the receiving end maybe Sting would consider adding more guys like this. A perfect compliment to the younger guys Sting features. And if Don is still availabe please get him back.

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