Scene Two of

The Locker Room


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Later that day in the locker room another student (Rowan Hunter) also tries a bit of skulduggery and this time makes off with the PT masters phone. However, the PT head (Dexter) is hot on his heels and drags him back to his office. Soon the lad is tasting the same medicine, a good hard spanking on the bare bottom this time followed by his trusty gym slipper.

当天晚些时候,更衣室中的另一名学生(Rowan Hunter)也试图耍些小把戏,这次他偷走了体育主管教师的手机。然而,体育主管教师 (Dexter)就在他身后,当场就将他拖进了自己的办公室。很快这名男孩也尝到了同样滋味的教训,一顿严厉的巴掌落在他的光屁股上,紧随其后的是他惯用的运动鞋。



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The lad’s bare bottom is soon enflamed but that’s not the end of it. Out comes the PT master’s short but whippy cane to finish the job. Each cut is like the sting of a wasp and it’ll be sometime before this young student decides to get light fingered again!



Exhausted from his disciplinary duties the PT Master is asleep when the Headmaster strides in. He needs to ask some searching question about a few glaring irregularities in the department’s accounts. It’s certainly not looking good for the young PT Master.


If he doesn’t want to lose his job there’s always another way to sort it, similar but certainly harder for him than the boys who stole from The Locker Room!



Starting with the stinging rubber soled gym shoe


Then the cane!




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