Pants On Fire

Starring Joey White and David Hines with Rob and Marco

The two boys, Jack (David Hines) and Michael (Joey White) think that sitting around and playing games is far preferable to working. They are both caught shirking by one of their two the bosses.


Michael blames his younger colleague for leading him astray. For this young Jack gets a good bare bottom whacking with a wooden spoon ..


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all in front of his laughing workmate


This is quickly followed by a spanking.


It’s not long before the truth comes out and it’s found that in fact it’s Michael who is leading Jack into bad ways. For this he’s now going to get a good hiding as well with a little added humiliation .

A good bare bottom spanking to start

And this time it’s Jack’s who gets to watch and laugh!

After the spanking to follow Michael now feels totally humiliated, but worse is to come

As it’s his young friend who will start the second stage of the proceeding off, with that scorching old wooden spoon!

Jack has never ever seen another guy get punished before, it’s quite an experience for him, and one he certainly enjoys.

Michael’s pride, and his bottom, will sting for quite a while!!

The (very sore) end



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Pants On Fire – in Standard Definition


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One thought on ““Pants On Fire””
  1. David Hines had a remarkable authenticity about him He looked like (and perhaps was) a true bratty lad.

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