Approved Education 10

Senior Boys Suffering

Starring Rudi Vallance, Travis Mckinnon and Dan Dickinson with Johan Volny and Marco as the Masters

It’s the senior boys who lately have been causing a problem at Bishopsfield Approved Institution. As older lads, they are expected to set an example. Unfortunately they have been taking advantage of their privileged position and the Headmaster is now determined to put a stop to it.

First port of call is Williams (Rudi Vallance) who had taken to blackmailing some of the more vulnerable younger lads in to carrying out illegal activities on his and other senior’s behalf. He is sent to his Housemaster Mr Volny or some corrective treatment!

Not remotely amused by this seniors conduct he decides to dish out that which he would normally do to a junior.



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It’s a hard and scorching over the knee spanking to start with followed up with a stinging session of the old leather strap.









You could say Mr Volny is getting to the bottom of things with his older boys! He now deals with another boy in his house, Richards ( New Stinglad Dan Dickinson) His cheeky and insolent attitude just lately has now rightly gained him a good spanking.


With his pyjama bottoms dropped down his pale little bare backside quickly turns a burning red! However it’s the housemaster’s belt that really hits the mark. His freshly spanked bottom now becomes painfully raw as the angry strap cracks home.




By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Spanking Classic “Approved Education 10””
  1. I was disappointed that Dan did not have more of a career with Sting. Meanwhile, would Rudi consider coming back as a top?

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