In scene two a second lad (played by Tommy Hunter) nervously hands a note to Mr Sharpe



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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Students Take Note (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview”
  1. Sting do this sort of thing just SO well! As of course they do with their more traditional scenarios – but I particularly appreciate the modern-day stories because they allow me to indulge my underwear fetish so much more! I love the way there is no messing around by Marco in this instance: it’s trousers down straight away for these two naughty boys! severe punishment right from the start and its effectiveness shows in the lads’ cheeky faces! OWW!!!

    And of course we have a new stud in the Sting stable (how’s that for alliteration?!)! And doesn’t young Martin make a wonderful addition! He looks like a real brat, full of attitude – from the moment I saw him, I thought ‘That boy really, SERIOUSLY needs a spanking!’ If the hiding he got from Marco in this clip is his first proper one, then it looks to me as though it is long, long overdue! It is good to see his ego taken down a few notches by the severe use of corporal punishment! And WHAT a pair of underpants to be wearing for his first on-screen discipline debut! Perfect for the purpose to which Marco puts the seat of them – a splendidly jazzy pattern that brings out the roundness of Martin’s pert, cheeky bottom! They could have been made specially for the purpose – as if Sting had gone to a teenboys’ fashion-designer and said ‘Design us a pair of briefs for a boy to wear for a spanking’! I can’t wait for future clips to see what else he’s got in his pants-drawer! His reactions to the laying on of the leather strap (such a wonderfully traditional instrument of punishment!) are just exactly what a boy’s response to severe pain in his bum ought to be! A great first video, Martin – I hope we’re going to see a lot more of you!

    There is something much more meek about young Tommy, which is in beautiful contrast to the insolent air of Martin. I would almost feel sorry for him, except that in my time working in education I found students’ being constantly late extremely irritating! It was always the same ones every time and I found myself regularly wanting to lay them over my knee and smack them in front of the class, SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!!

    Two very convincing young lads and a truly awesome punishment, laid on with all Marco’s customary strictness, vim and vigour! What more could a man want??!! Or a boy need???!!!

  2. Mmmmm oooooooo oh mmm aaah pant pant Tommy Hunter Tommy Hunter oh my my sooooo damn sexy!!!! Give us more of Tommy …he is such a rush hot hot boy oh yeah

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