The Reformatory 5

Life in the strict Pine Valley Reformatory goes on. The Lads are sent there by the court to learn a lesson, but some of them think that the rules there just don’t apply to them. The Warden however doesn’t agree and his officers are always on hand to make sure the new inmates do as they are told.

One lad, Sean Calhoun (Evan Ryker) an arrogant pup, with an attitude to match. However, this is not young Calhoun’s lucky day as he has finally come face to face with his nemesis the formidable Officer Sharpe.

Officer Sharpe has a complete cure for the insolence afflicted boy and it comes in the way of a stinging flat wooden ferule.

This is first applied to the seat of the young inmate’s skimpy underpants …

then, even more effectively, on his bare bottom!!


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The ferule and the spanking after it will give Calhoun a burning decision to make, shall I behave in future? Better had son!








The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “The Reformatory 5 (Part 1 of 2) with Video Preview”
  1. We’ve only had one Hornet video in 2018 🙁 (with Bastian Karim at least!)

    Will we get a 2nd? perhaps with Evan Ryker?

    1. Hi Matt

      I believe there is a new Hornet due out soon, but I don’t know who is in it. I will see if I can find anything out.


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