A second set of pictures from  Talesfrom The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some!And introducing New Sting Lad Jimmy Green as fifth former Sudbury


Sudbury is a habitual truant, and the Headmaster believes that perhaps being dealt with by the boys’ Housemaster, the fit young PE coach Mr Shape (Travis McKinnon) might just bring him round. Mr Sharpe wastes no time in getting the hapless young Sudbury over his knee and quickly turns his bare bottom a blushing deep shade of red.


However it’s up on the gym horse, naked and stretched out, that real regret from Sudbury kicks in. The PE coach’s old brown leather army strap cracks down on to the lad’s defenceless burning bare bottom.


Forrester (Luke Radley) is an old hand but he too gets caught now and again. This time its smoking in the dormitory, strictly forbidden because of the fire hazard. He too is ordered to report straight to Mr Sharpe. It’s humiliating when you are the top dog to have to lay across a fit young man’s lap like Mr Sharpe’s, then get you bare bottom slapped for breaking the rules


However, it’s probably more so when this fit PE Coach takes both a strap and cane to your sore bare bottom whilst bent over the vaulting horse as well. Yelping and crying out won’t put Mr Sharpe off his stroke. As they say it’s just Unlucky for some!



By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Tales from The Headmaster’s Study (Episode 13) : Unlucky For Some! PART 2”
  1. The hunky guys are fit deff my type man I need get a bf any offers call me 07************* haha just kidding.

  2. I really enjoyed this film. It’s good to see less twinks and more muscular lads and seeing Travis McKinnon as Mr Sharpe was good too.
    The scenes with Rudi Vallance and Luke Radley were both high quality, though perhaps the strapping and caning of Radley could have been a little more lingered. He has one of the finest bottoms and for me it was a little rushed, with less camera angles than usual. The scene with new lad Jimmy Green was fine. He is a little “twinky” for my tastes, but has a good bottom and it was nice to see him turn quite red over Mr Sharpe’s knee. His underwear, however, was a total disaster. Like others, I get a thrill of seeing guys with full round bottoms getting a spanking or caning in tighty whities and for the most part this film delivered. Not in this scene though. The white shorts were far too baggy.
    For me, the highlight of this film were the two scenes with Johnny Haywood as Chambers. The over the knee spanking in pyjamas and then bare was excellent. I wasn’t sure about seeing a lad spanked on the seat of his pjs, but it worked wonderfully. There is something quite special about seeing the fabric tighted around a well-presented backside. This was the case in his second scene. The sight of Chambers bending for the cane in his long trousers, fabric tight around his bottom was superb. The camera angle for strokes 3 and 4 of the cane in his underwear was spot on. Finally, the position of Chambers over the green armchair for his strapping was very good indeed, presenting his backside in just the right position.
    All in all, a very good purchase. I look forward to seeing Travis McKinnon on the receiving end shortly.

  3. Thanks for the comments Paul. Luke is hard work when filming him taking a spanking. The cane he loathes! With a lot of the lads its hard to get a peep out of them. They see it as a weakness to make a fuss. No so with Luke! Which is great. We are going to change to white slips in the underwear department. Small size retro Y fronts are so very hard to get now. If anybody knows of any do let us know. The last batch we ordered from the UK were labelled small but could fit an Indian elephant! Travis will be on the receiving end in the forthcoming Colonial College Part 2

  4. Luke has taken some hard canings and it is good that he “makes a fuss”! As for the underwear, could I mention a scene in which the underwear is just perfect? Tight but not too tight, just hugging a glorious pair of buttocks, bent over for a caning. And that scene is Paul’s caning in Grey Shorts from years back. It was one of the first Sting films I bought and has remained a firm favourite. Another good example is Darren’s caning in Discipine Down Under 3. Awesome scene and he really filled those whities. I really do enjoy caning scenes which feature a caning on trousers or shorts, then underwear ane then bare. I hope you get some underwear sorted and am really looking forward to the release of Colonial College Part 2. Thanks for your reply Jonathan.

    1. Hi Paul

      Thanks for both your comments, I am glad you enjoyed this video. I have to admit that the scene from Gray Short with Paul taking the cane in those white underpants is also one of my favorites, and as for Darren, that boy really can fill out a pair of pants.

      I am pleased you enjoyed the scenes with Johnny Haywood so much. It was his first appearance for Sting and shows great promise

  5. Technical difficulties prevented me from downloading this video until this morning, but it was worth the wait! This is an excellent video.

    The video starts off well with “Richardson” (played by Rudi Vallance) taking a good spanking & paddling with a wooden ruler. Handsome, buff Rudi’s response to his punishment is still just a little too stoic for my taste, but it is an improvement over his earlier videos, and Rudi is a feast for the eyes. I was also surprised that the little wooden ruler was able to raise such fierce bruises on Rudi’s buttocks. Perhaps those severe bruises attest to the spanking skills of “Mr. Smith” (played by Marco). If Rudi can be persuaded to be less stoic in his response to his spankings, he would be a wonderful model.

    The story involving “Chambers” (played by Johny Haywood) was pretty good. Johny Haywood is good-looking enough and his response to his spanking is good, but his performance would have been even better if his arm, chest and thigh muscles were a little more developed, and if his buttocks and upper thighs weren’t quite so hairy. (More intense gym workouts and a judicious pre-shoot “butt & thigh shaving” would improve his appearance.) The first half of this story, in which Johny is spanked in his pajamas, is okay, but the second half of the story, in which Johny is caned on his trousers, underwear & bare butt, is much better.

    I am not a twink fan, so the story featuring “Sudbury” (played by twinkish Jimmy Green) did not interest me EXCEPT for the wonderful performance by muscular Travis McKinnon as PT instructor “Mr. Sharpe”. He looks great in those “wifebeater” tanktop undershirts. I’m looking forward to seeing Travis on the “receiving end” in future videos.

    The final story was a treat, with bravura performances by both spanker “Mr. Sharpe” (played by Travis McKinnon) and the misbehaving spankee “Forrester” (played by Luke Radley). Handsome, athletic Luke was in top form, with his facial reactions and “body English” demonstrating the pain and humiliation he is feeling from his punishment. Good-looking, muscular Travis McKinnon reprised his role of the slightly arrogant, slightly sadistic sports master. I was a bit surprised to see Travis wearing a jock while he was punishing Luke, but it did showcase his muscular, spankable butt quite nicely – a preview of coming attractions?

    While we’re on the subject of underwear, the tight, skimpy briefs worn by Rudi Vallance in his “Richardson” role were just about perfect. Another good example of excellent briefs would be the ones wore by Luke Radley in the “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #4, The Forrester Affair” video. I sincerely wish that tight-fitting briefs styled and cut like these be used in as many spanking scenes as possible. I also wish that the models would be spanked on the seat of their briefs for a longer period of time. I am turned on by the sight of firm, round, muscular buttocks, tightly enclosed by skimpy briefs, being spanked, caned, paddled, etc. before the underpants are taken down for a “bare-bottomed finale”.

    Scenes in which the models are spanked while wearing Speedo-style swimsuits, like the ones worn by Olympic divers, would be another nice touch if you ever shoot scenes involving swimmers.

    Finally, let me suggest that you have longer shots of the models’ facial reactions while they are being spanked, and of the guys squirming over the spankers’ laps, chair backs, gymnastic horses, etc.. The grimaces, winces, grunts, groans and squirming convince the viewer that the guy being spanked is feeling the pain and humiliation of his punishment.

    Rich & Rob – keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Thanks for your comment, Wow that is praise indeed, I am so glad you enjoyed this video so much.

      I agree that both Travis and Luke gave great performances and Rudi looks so great he can be forgiven a bit of his stoicism.

      Luke actually does find taking a spanking very difficult, let alone the cane and the strap, so we have to admire him for coming back for more, and he is great to watch.

      I think you will enjoy seeing Travis on the receiving end in Colonial College, he is showing early signs of being a versatile actor!

    2. Thanks for the positive comments Rasputin. It’s good to get feed back and we act on it wherever we can. We do try to encourage tops to be takers as well but we can’t unfortunately do it with all of them as not all will agree. I asked Rich I won’t tell you what he said..lol! The very nature of a top in the adult industry films is just that a top and nothing more.

  6. Yes you are right we know that scene and from the days when you could get small fitting and snug Y fronts. Still as said we’re going to look at it again now. Thanks again Paul.

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