Featuring three of Stings top stars the latest episode in the Headmaster seriesgoes down under. Smoking is of course strictly forbidden. Two pupil’s, played by Aaron Alton and Pavel Novy, decide to go for a quick puff in the caretaker’s room. After getting disturbed they flee, flicking the cigarette buts in to a bin. Unfortunately in turn the bin catches fire ensuring that the two lads now appear before the Headmaster to explain themselves.

For their gross stupidity the rattan cane is brought out and applied to the tight seat of their short grey trousers. These are then ordered down for some more stinging stripes applied to the boy’s bare bottoms.

However during the punishment the Head is interrupted. He instructs a senior prefect, Hunter (Luke Radley) who is also attending the session, to continue the lad’s punishment. He wastes no time in putting them both over his knee and laying on a good spanking.

This soon has them bucking and yelling as his heavy palm descends down on the boys already caned and burning bare cheeks.
After this it’s the gym slipper to make sure they understand that a reckless act like setting fire to a waste bin could have been catastrophic.

While Hunter is a good prefect he too has his weak side especially where smoking the odd joint is concerned. It was inevitable that one day he’d get caught and as fate would have it today is that day. Sent to the headmaster he is punished in the back of the common room so all the other boys will know it’s happened. He’s a big lad and a good spanking in two different positions starts off his punishment. 

This is followed by the cane and gym slipper too, almost a repeat of the earlier punishment he dished out to the hapless fire starters.
For hunter he hates getting his bare backside so painfully attacked and he especially dislikes the cane. His yells and protestations bare witness to this fact. He can dish it out but can he take it? Now he knows what it feels like to get Scorched Down Under! 


By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Tales From the Headmaster’s Study – (Episode 7) “Scorched Down Under””
  1. Pavel and Aaron are perfect as the school boys.

    As for Luke Radley, he makes a great senior boy and looks really sexy in those tight shorts

  2. I fully agree. Aaron and Pavel are superb schoolboys both with very spankable bottoms. Nice to see both of them caned and slippered. Judging by the picture of Pavel over Lukes knee being spanked his willy is reacting to the discipline to.

  3. My primary reason for purchasing this video was Luke Radley, one of my favorite models for taking a spanking. Luke is a big, good-looking, muscular, masculine young man with a demonstrative acting style and a smooth, firm, well-shaped rear-end – the perfect kind of model to be on the “receiving end” in a spanking video.

    In addition to this episode (#7), Luke Radley also got spanked in Episodes #1 and #4 of the “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study” series. All three of his performances were good, but his performance in Episode #7 was better than in #1, primarily because he was punished more severely and his acting was a little more demonstrative.

    The severity of Luke’s punishment was about the same in both Episodes #4 and #7. His acting in Episode #4 was slightly more demonstrative than in Episode #7. However, what made Luke’s performance in Episode #4 best of all was primarily because he was punished in Episode #4 first on the seat of a pair of tight, skimpy briefs, then on the bare buttocks. I found the scene in Episode #4 where he was spanked on his briefs to be more erotic than the scene in Episode #7 where was spanked on his grey shorts. The underwear Luke was wearing in Episode #7 was too baggy to be erotic, and he wasn’t spanked while wearing them anyway.

    In summary, a very good video, but not quite as satisfying as Episode #4. Maybe you will cast Luke Radley in Episode #8 or #9, with a punishment at least as severe as in Episodes #4 and #7, with his demonstrative acting style on display, and with part of his punishment consisting of a spanking on the seat of tight, skimpy briefs. That would be truly an awesome video.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I am glad you liked it, I thought you would. Sting have taken note of your comments about tight white briefs. They need to cater to all tastes, but I am sure you will see white briefs from time to time in future productions.

      I do agree about Luke’s reaction to the spanking he received in episode 4 (especially when he jumped about holding his sore bottom) however, he was quite expressive in this one as well. He does not enjoy being spanked!!

      You may enjoy the next release, there are no well known actors in it, but the guys are smacked hard.

    2. Hi Bruce,

      I admit that I do have a fetish about seeing hunky guys spanked while wearing tight, skimpy briefs, and then their briefs are pulled down for bare-assed discipline. However, the briefs need not be exclusively white. Any color, solids or stripes – the sky’s the limit, as long as they are tight and skimpy. I realize Sting have to cater to a wide range of tastes, but I hope they can accommodate me.

      I don’t mind if the actors in the upcoming release are unknowns, as long as they are good-looking, muscular, masculine, clean-cut guys with demonstrative acting styles. I’ll be on the lookout for this new release.

  4. Great clips all are Classic Ass whipping as it should be I believe the fact that various positions took place and this was a whipping with the cane & Gym slipper made it even better.The onlything missing was the Feared Paddle but that can take place later as we know that is highly likely that when it comes to smoking there will be a repeat performance as some don’t learn there lessons the first time around .In addition the gym sllipper plays a vital part in this episcodeIn regard to some of punishment taking place in SkImply Briefs they come off pretty quicklyhowever it more likely would be much better if they were eliminated as wevall know that this punishment is Bare ass without question nor discussion

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