Teachers Pests

In this special length film it’s back to college and another look at the clandestine activities of the not so well behaved members of the student body.

They think they can get away with anything but soon learn that the Headmaster and his staff have other ideas. The sound of a well deserved spanking, the cane and strap, will echo rounds the halls of learning to disprove their theory!

On the receiving end are five young cheeky lads.

Robin Palmer gets another student, played by Ivan Sabado, in to trouble with Deputy Head, Mr Sharpe.

Leading to a good spanking for the unlucky lad.



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Followed by a taste of Mr Sharpe’s Strap!






Next new StingLad Alvaro Silva is caught giving his Housemaster James Holt a lot of attitude and ends up really regretting it.














Due to the special length of this video, the pictures will be posted in three parts


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


By Bruce

23 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pests (Part 1 of 3)”
  1. LOVED THE FILM! – but where was Ivan’s revenge on Robin? You have got to do a sequel please. And let Ivan not only witness Robin’s comeuppance but spank the thief himself as well – and with a hairbrush. Perhaps in front of the other students in the dorm room or locker room? Wish you would film more of the “walk of shame”. There are 2 previous films you have done where the bad boy, pants at the ankles, literally had to walk the stairways and deliver the cane to the teacher – I loved that! Maybe Robin could be “frog-marched” by Ivan for a right royal thrashing? And I would love if you included mouth-soap washing as part of your punishments. Also some tom-fooling with the boys towel snapping in the locker room. Loved Ivan – he was a joy! Alvaro was fantastic too! James Holt has become a favorite! I can not thank you enough for this film, as well as all your others. Please share my thanks with your wonderful actors as well.

    1. Hi Kass, thanks for pointying out the problem with the link. I have now fixed it, please try refreshing your browser and retrying it.


  2. God bless you, Bruce, the link is up and the download working – I can not thank you enough. After all – when you’ve made such a wonderful film you wouldn’t want to keep it a secret. And thank you so much for passing off my comments to Sting. Normally no one listens to me. Thank you.

    1. You are very welcome Kass, I am glad the link is now working. By the way I have spoken to Sting, and they confirm that they were indeed planning a sequel in which Ivan gets his revenge and Robin gets his comeuppance.

      I can’t guarantee, as always these things depend on getting both actors back at the same time!!! Which is not always easy.

  3. Congratulations to the entire Sting crew on a marvelous new film. The performances and production values are excellent all around. “Teacher’s Pests” is not merely for the diehard fans; it is for anyone who enjoys a well made m/m spanking video. This release is certainly my favorite since “Imperfect Prefects” and likely shall be remembered as one of the best of Prague-era Sting.

  4. Sorry to break the complimentary reviews but I found this production in general terms a disappointment.
    Very good new boy well disciplined by Marco but most of the other punishments were weak and feather duster contributions. I also wish Sting would cease the practice of the masters being dealt with. With respect to James his discipline detracts from the youth theme.

  5. I won’t even agree to disagree with Mr. Brown’s comment. There are plenty of videos — indeed, entire series — from this studio dealing with the “youth theme.” It’s a waste of time to criticize this well made, well acted, well edited, and at times very entertaining mini-movie.

  6. I have to agree with hisroyalheinie, I think if Micheal buys any movies from other studios he would have been just as disappointed. Just take a look through JockSpoank. I think its fair to say Sting do bags of youth themes and I for one love to see the master get his just deserts, please don’t stop doing that! As to feather dusters I think James Holt would have really disagreed after the pasting he got in this excellent production.

  7. Based on the preview video, the two models that interested me were Ivan Sabada and James Holt.

    Ivan’s scene was very interesting. Ivan’s a good-looking lad and he gave a very impressive performance. The spread-leg positions he assumed during his OTK spanking and over-the-bench strapping were a nice touch.

    James Holt is a big, strong lad and he gave a good performance, as he usually does.

    However, I was disappointed in the choice of underwear that both Ivan and James wore. If these two guys had worn tight, skimpy briefs I would probably have bought this video.

  8. I second Kass’s suggestion that a sequel to this video be made, in which Ivan Sabada gets his revenge by watching Robin getting spanked and getting to spank Robin himself, preferably with a large wooden hairbrush or bath brush.

  9. I agree with Kass. I too would like to see a sequel to this video.

    I suggest the following scenario. Ivan finds proof that Robin planted the stolen watch in Ivan’s locker. He then gives Robin an ultimatum – either submit to a spanking from Ivan, or Ivan will turn him over to “Mr. Sharpe”. Robin reluctantly agrees to be spanked by Ivan. Ivan then gives him a very long, very hard OTK spanking on both his tight, skimpy briefs and his bare behind. Ivan uses both his bare hand and a large wooden hairbrush or bath brush to spank Robin.

    Ivan is still spanking Robin when Marco walks in on them. The assistant headmaster demands and gets an explanation from the two boys. Marco decides to spank Ivan for taking the law into his hands. While Robin watches gleefully, Marco severely spanks Ivan OTK both on his tight, skimpy briefs and on his bare buttocks.

    However, Marco is not through yet He demands that Robin drop his trousers and get over his knee. A shocked Robin says that he already got spanked by Ivan, and it isn’t fair that the get spanked again. Marco says that, while Ivan got his revenge by spanking Robin himself, Robin still has not gotten “official” punishment from the powers that be.

    Ivan watches gleefully as Marco unfastens and removes Robin’s trousers, pulls Robin over his knee, and spanks him hard and long OTK on both his tight, skimpy briefs and on his bare butt. Marco uses both his bare hand and that wooden brush to spank Robin. Robin is on the verge of tears at the end of his ordeal.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Thanks for the suggestions, I have passed your comment on to Sting. Who knows, it may give them some ideas

  10. It seem on here to be politically incorrect to criticise any Sting production. That’s rather sad. For the record I regularly purchase from Sting as a buying customer but a minority of productions I feel fall short of their normal high standard.

  11. I have to agree with Mr Brown that it is sad that people are being attacked for leaving critical comments and discouraged from leaving negative feedback. I thought Sting were based in Prague not North Korea?

  12. I think he’s entitled to his comment hisroyalheinie I also buy a lot of Sting stuff but from other studios too. However I would say that to say a minority of their films is not up to scratch is like saying I watch Warmer Bros Pictures but a minority of them are not as good as they could be, which is fine. In my books I have to say though I feel Sting is the Warner Bros of the Spanking world. I also think Spanking Central put a lot of effort in to their films too.

  13. If I may reply to Michael’s comment from 3/20/18 “I also wish Sting would cease the practice of the masters being dealt with…detracts from the youth theme…” I have certainly felt the same way for certain films – but for me the masters being disciplined only become a problem if their punishments don’t seem to fit with the overall theme of the film itself. Being a “Sunday-writer” I enjoy putting little stories together for my own amusement – so could I throw out a storyline I concocted?
    A sneaky student (picture a Matt Mills type) teams up with his toady friend (picture a JJay type) who does office work for the headmaster on his free period. Mills wants to play a spiteful prank on the ever popular football players (picture Travis, Joey, and Karl) that he envies. So JJay steals punishment slips from the headmaster’s office and they forge the slip to say that all present should receive “a thrashing suitable for fame and framing” “make a school record of it” and wickedly include the words “for the barer of this note as well”. Mills is very clever, the reason for the severe punishment is a disgraceful thing the footballers actually did but the master don’t know about.
    The three poor lads are waiting in the junior master’s office for their punishment, accusing one another of grassing the others out. Mills and JJay stroll in – they couldn’t contain themselves, they had to gloat! The headboy (picture a Paul Wolf type) storms in with the punishment slip in hand given to him by the headmaster. He is furious at the disgrace that has been brought down upon their house and their football team.
    Before Mills & JJay can sneak out the junior master James Holt walks in to administrate the punishments having no idea why, and not caring one bit either. He snatches the vague punishment slip from headboy Paul Wolf, the “barer of the note” and canes/spanks/hairbrushes every seat of every pair of pants, underpants, and bare backside of every last one of them. Holt is rather knew to this level of authority – but rather enjoys it – and gladly triples the normal count, and then cause he enjoys “round numbers” it’s a hearty 30 count with the cane – another ten each time for Paul. After all he is the headboy.
    The footballers are thrilled that the two pranksters are punished alongside of them, the rascals are shocked and horrified at how their devious plan backfired, and the headboy is furious! Protesting the entire time makes it the worse for him, sad to say. Paul’s complete innocence of any wrongdoing brings no sense of empty from his fellow students though. In fact they find his prissy declarations of injustice quite humorous.
    That night – unable, no matter how hard Paul tries to sit down, with a damp hand cloth attempting to cool his ruined bottom, he calls his “to-the-manor-born” father. And plots his own revenge on all the boys he believes are involved (which he believes is all of them).
    The next day Paul’s father storms into the headmaster’s office and threatens to withhold any future donations, he so generously makes to the school, unless he himself can thrash the fool of a junior master who caned his son so unjustly. “I demand double the marks that my boy received”. Poor Professor Holt not only has to endure the double caning/spanking/hairbrush (in front of the headboy Paul himself) but then the added indignity of giving the now smug and self-satisfied father a tour of the new school chapel his past donations have made possible.
    Paul would love to join his father and Professor Holt on the tour, but sadly, he has a prior engagement with Travis, Joey, and Karl in the changing room, so he’ll leave them to it. As Paul enters the changing room he discovers Travis, Joey, and Karl fresh from the showers, towel snapping the bottoms of Mills & JJay, clad only in briefs, to beat the band. Paul smiles, rubs his hands, and declares well “The bands all here” and takes over the well-deserved punishment session of all of them. This punishment proves to be the true undocumented “school record” for Paul lays on with a will. After he is through Paul makes them pose for serval photographs which he will not only find “suitable for framing” but as the end credits role we actually see him hanging these photos framed onto the walls of his headboy’s living room. And oiling up his brand new cane his father just sent him.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting this – I would be grateful for any feedback – I love writing this type of fiction.

    1. Hi Kass

      Thanks for the imaginative story line which I am sure visitors would find entertaining, and I am pleased you enjoyed writing it. 

      I have forwarded your comment to Sting so they can consider whether they can use some of your ideas, maybe in one of their longer offerings, like Teacher’s Pests. That said, however, the time and resources required to create the sort of story you suggest, would be challenging for a small studio, with a largely non-English speaking cast, and might interrupt Sting’s ability to maintain it’s regular weekly output.

      Therefore, I can’t make any promises, but we can wait and see.

  14. Thank you so very much for the supportive words, Bruce. You are very kind. The full story is still very much a work in progress, and of course I have created entirely fictitious characters but obviously much inspired by the sting films. I am very surprised, and grateful, that you would consider sharing my ideas with the sting production company. I hope they can find something good in there somewhere. Thank you for your wonderful website!

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