The Truants 2

The two truants’ punishment continues as they are both upended and spanked in the so called diaper position.



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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “The Truants 2 (Part 2 of 2) – plus video preview”
  1. Tremendously awkward, humiliating and embarrassing sums this up.

    I got quite turned on by the legs up spanking it is so exciting to see it implemented in a non sexual way and it really floats my boat because there is so much to like about it. As soon as the guys are put into that position it becomes instantaneously humiliating and there’s nothing they can do to hide their shame/embarrassment except from look on or look at themselves in such a vulnerable and exposed position that’s the start then there is the actual spanking. What I like is you have the other spankee holding the others legs up it’s great because the one holding the others legs up can feel every movement from the guy getting spanked that’s got to be tense especially if you know you’re up next. So you can see the situation at hand is on fire and is satisfactory in combination to the OTK. I really like this idea that was pluckd from CFNM… it was altered for MM to make it not funny but highly erotic. More of this with different models please.

    I enjoyed the idea of this clip and there has been some good ideas lately at Sting maybe I’m not attracted to every model but it still doesn’t take away from some great storylines we’ve been seeing.

  2. I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but I’ll once again offer this criticism: domestic spankings, especially the contemporary scenes, would benefit greatly from a bedroom milieu. Such scenes should not necessarily begin in the bedroom (I actually like seeing the confrontation in the main or living room, especially if the boy is returning from school), but it would be so hot to see the boy(s) be sent to the bedroom, have to wait, and then be punished on the bed, in a “spanking chair,” or over a desk. If the “wheelbarrow” position had been done on a bed, it would have been a lot more erotic for me. I will say, however, that Luke is right to compliment Sting on the outside-the-box thinking regarding interesting/more embarrassing positions and storylines.

  3. This is how a spanking should be carried out iit:s all about humiliation and a sore bottom.Love the expression of the younger boys face the one wearing the socks and the difficult time he has sitting down.

    1. Hi Tom
      the cleft between Paul’s butt cheeks is quite deep, so his anus is not fully revealed. Alex Morgan, however, is totally exposed.

    1. Hi again Tom, we get to see a lot of Paul’s butt cheeks in most of his videos (except “While Dad’s Away” in which he does the spanking) but I don’t recall tha his anus is exposed in any of them.

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