Teacher’s Pests Revenge

In scene two Roberts (Ivan Sabado) gets his revenge on Russell (Robin Palmer) who git him into trouble in an earlier episode of Teachers Pests

As Roberts begins to dress after his punishment, the Headmaster told him to send Russell to see him, which of course he did, after placing some wine in his bag of course. The grin on his face revealing how much he will enjoy getting his revenge on Russell

As soon as Russell arrives at the Headmaster’s office he is ordered to hand over his bag

Standing in front of the Headmaster Russell is shocked to see him remove the wine bottle from his bag

Russell sent to see Mr Sharpe who is waiting for him in the Gym.


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Without a minute to spare Mr Sharpe gives Russell the very same punishment that he had given to Roberts. A damn hard spanking









The spanking is followed by going over the bench and a good hard set of the strap to make sure he never forgets, just as Roberts hadn’t forgotten!




Roberts listens in delight as the strap whacks down on Russell’s bare behind





Russell’s burning and well spanked bottom is just the comeuppance he deserved and the revenge Roberts was hoping for!!

Feeling the *Sting*

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By Bruce

13 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pests Revenge (Part 2 of 3)”
  1. I liked this video a lot, the “revenge/comeuppance” theme was really sexy, and both actors were hot and played their parts very well. For me it would have been even hotter if Ivan had actually been in the locker room to watch, and add extra humiliation to Robin’s punishment (and maybe a couple of soccer players wander in as well)

    Also, Ivan could have been allowed to do some of the spanking to make it even more embarrassing for Robin.

    But I am quibbling, it was great as it was, and I enjoyed it. Well done.

  2. Wonderful film! I am in complete agreement with Ray J. I too wished Ivan was able to be in the room, or at the very least watch Robin’s punishment. I realize that all might be due to the actors’ availability, but Ivan listening through the door just was not enough for me. At the very least Ivan should have greeted Robin as he left the room revealing it was him that caused it all as a payback, then demanding to see the “damage” – or at the very very least watch Robin’s punishment through a window of some kind. I miss Ivan’s crop of hair. He looked totally adorable in the first part of this storyline with his unkempt head of hair. I also wish Robin had done one of those cheesy SHOCKED looks to the camera like Ivan did it part one of this story. And he deserved a Marco Caning too! I love these prank and payback stories. I hope STING adds this type of storyline to their future films.

  3. p.s. loved how Robin timidly looked about for the teacher before he hurriedly dress and ran for the door.

  4. Hi Kass and Ray J, thanks for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed this video, and I have forwarded your suggestions on to Sting.

    By the way, Kass, Robin does does give a “cheesy Shocked look to camera”, it occurs at 13.30, just after the headmaster finds the wine in his bag.

    1. Thanks for your comment HRH, it makes the job of running the blog so much more fulfilling when visitors comment and interact with the postings.

  5. I’m different from all of you above I actually dislike it when too many people watch and observe the spanking. I think spanking should be a private thing between the spanker and spankee and having someone watch is a hit and miss for me because if there reaction’s are too much or too fake its just to much of a cringe. Also if you have people watching which are laughing and poking fun at the guy being spanked it really irks me as spanking is meant to be serious and there shouldn’t be laughing when someone is being punished I don’t need the jeering and the mocking during a spanking. Don’t get me wrong though observation can work from time to time like the guy watching Jirka Mendez in “A Bedtime Story” his reactions was good and he played his role well also Luke Adams watching Adam Black spanked in “A Bitter Pill” some models can pull of the observation thing and some defiantly cannot. Also the idea that Ray J gave of Ivan spanking Robin (to add to the embarrassment) I think it just makes a mockery out of the whole thing by doing that. I think Sting did the right thing having the guy stand at the door is more plausible. Having just said all that I think sometimes It depends on the scenario as well having brothers watching each other spanked would be the ideal clip to have them laughing at each other as brothers would usually do that anyway. Each to there own I guess.

    PS. The way Robins legs was spread out on that bench I need them to be like that when his laying over Marco’s knee… oh and Robin getting dressed at the end when he pulled up his underwear and showed his discomfort/pain now that was a nice touch… Nice.

  6. I think I agree with Luke about this particular video. Nobody actually knows that Roberts slipped the wine into Russell’s bag, so it makes sense that he is secretly listening at the door rather than being in the room or joining in. He would not have been able to get his revenge on Russell (Robin) if Mr Sharpe, the Headmaster or Robin had known what he did.

    However, I do think that it could have been hot if a couple of soccer players had been in the locker room watching as Ray J suggested.

    The treat of being “spanked in front of a class” or in front of a sports team has been a popular idea ever since the earliest spanking fantasy was written. Laughing and teasing the guy getting spanked would only be appropriate if the person deserved it, by, perhaps being a bully.

    I also enjoyed the scenes Luke mentioned (A Bedtime Story and A Bitter Pill) – great choices Luke, and I think the scene where Elliot watched Joey getting caned in “Bad Prefect” was also very sexy

  7. Luke often has very interesting things to say and I tend to agree with much of what he says

  8. Amazing video, and very in-depth contributions by the fans, can we get some more videos of spankings with legs in the air?

    1. Hi HRH

      That really depends if Ivan ius still available, it is a while since he worked with Sting, so he may have moved on to other things, Sting will check and see if he is still around in the movie business

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