That Sinking Feeling

Sometimes being in a rush and not thinking what you are doing can get you in to trouble. So it did with one lad (Richard Hicks).

He managed to leave the kitchen tap running which subsequently flooded the floor. The water then seeped through down to the neighbour below who of course was none too happy.

Richard has become quite lazy and forgetful lately and not taking proper responsibility for his actions. He really needs something he won’t forget to sharpen up his focus on life! No better place to start then where the unnecessary flooding he caused took place. A whacking with the rattan cane over the kitchen table and a bare bottom spanking to follow will make the lad much less wet behind the ears in future!


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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “That Sinking Feeling”
  1. Yet another great selection from the spankable contents of young Richard’s well-stocked pants-drawer to complement the cheeky curves of that beautifully smackable bottom as he is well disciplined! Horizontal -style patterns or stripes on a boy’s underpants have a way of bringing out the roundness of his bum, as well as offering a goodly selection of targets to aim the cane at!

  2. Great jean spankings and hard ones too, love seeing guys getting spankings over their jeans!! Hot!! Keep them coming please 😊 Thank you!!

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