End of The Road – The Accomplice

Scene two

Unfortunately for Roberts its also been seen fit to let his Step Father know what he’s been up to, and he isn’t pleased.

If being caned severely on the bare bottom at college is not bad enough now he going to get it all over again at home, over the knee like a naughty boy, on his already well caned and sore bare backside!


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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “End of The Road – The Accomplice (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. I made a very quick (and enthusiastic) comment when this video first appeared but I feel compelled to offer more thoughts now as I see there has not been much activity from other viewers. (Hopefully they reached out to Bruce or others separately.)

    Trevor isn’t a big muscle boy and he certainly isn’t a gorgeous little wood sprite like Austin Cook. No, and thank heaven for that: “Otter” boys like Trevor are too often treated like the red-headed stepchildren of a porn studio’s roster, spanking or otherwise. Luckily, Sting knows how to use young Trevor wisely, and I must say he pushes nearly all of my buttons. I loved that his rear and thighs seem furrier here than in past appearances, yet still believably boyish; his naughty look and effortlessly aloof air are well suited to the school setting; and his stifled-yet-audible reactions are simply the icing on the cake.

    The fact that this model suits some of my personal tastes is actually irrelevant. This video happens to be so well made, so expertly shot and edited — with a fantastic “flashback” sequence near the beginning and a marvelous coda with the stepfather at the end — that I must urge all self-respecting Sting fans to add this to their collections. PS, Rich asking his secretary for the stepfather’s number, thus laying the groundwork for the delicious final sequence, was a small but crucial touch that makes a big difference for those of us who love words and situations. It’s the sort of well-thought-out detail that I’ve been missing from other videos. Bravo Trevor, Rich, Rob, and everyone who made this one extra special for me!

  2. I really enjoyed the set-up/story in this clip it’s right up my street. I love an OTK spanking being administered on an already sore bottom I’ve said this many times before but I think many of us enjoy it and with this type of story it plays out so well caned at school then having the teacher phone dad then the lad getting hand spanked OTK at home by dad – a double punishment (it’s not fair for the lad) but it’s so exciting for us!! I enjoyed the part when the lad comes home and starts lying to dad (would you believe it) only for dad to check his bottom and find out the truth that was a cool idea and worked very well. Overall some very good ideas thrown in with a great simple story and I agree sometimes the smallest details make a huge difference whatever they may be.

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