The Birching Block 11


Another episode based on public school birching which all differed slightly in method between the establishments. Legend has it that John Keate, a new Headmaster of one college during the 1800s, was supposed to have birched 80 misbehaving boys in one day. At the time he was worried about a gross lax of discipline. I expect that might have cured it, for a while at least.

据传闻,在十九世纪初始,一所高中的新任校长John Keate,在一天之内用桦树束惩罚了80名表现不佳的男孩。

Here the boy on the bill is Harlston (Richard Hicks) reporting to his Housemaster (Marco)

现在,这名被列入惩罚名单的男孩HarlstonRichard Hicks)正在向他的舍监(Marco)报到,他将要跪在台子上接受瑟瑟作响的,在盐水中充分浸泡过的桦树束的惩罚。

Harlston is ordered to ‘go down’ for a disciplinary session with the swishy, previously soaked in brine, birch.


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Before lights out he will have to report back to the study for the second part of his punishment, a good over the knee, bare bottom, spanking!





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  1. I’m a huge fan of the BB series and young Master Hicks does not disappoint! Two great performances here at a bargain price make for essential and compulsive Sting viewing.

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