The video Preview for

Painful Message


Starring JayDee Black and Rob

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For the next three weeks a high definition, version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube





Painful Message – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Painful Message – in Standard Definition



Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

One thought on “The video Preview for Painful Message”
  1. It really is just fantastic to see young Jaydee over the knee again after a lengthy absence from our computer screens (that in itself is deserving of a good spanking, Jaydee, my lad!)! And in one of those lovely school scenarios that Sting do so well!

    Although my favourite part of any spanking video is always the bit when a boy is being smacked on his underpants, I loved the bare-bottom section of this super little clip! I particularly enjoyed watching the cheeky way, consciously or otherwise, that Jaydee stuck his bottom out – his very bare, hairless bottom! – when he had to bend over for the strap, his bum already glowing painfully from the spanking that had already been laid on! His reactions leave us in no doubt that the strict discipline being administered to him is teaching him a well-deserved lesson!

    Just a point to ponder: in this clip we see Jaydee laid over the knee in a pair of boxer-briefs the same great colour and perfect degree of shortness for spankingwear as young Austin Cook was wearing in ‘The taste of discipline’. It made me wonder if Jaydee’s and Austin’s respective mums went to the same shop to buy the boys’ briefs…

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