The Birching Block 13

A misbehaving public school lad has got himself put on the punishment bill and must report to the Housemaster to receive the birch. The boy (Jerry Bosak) a senior, will soon hear the fearful words many have heard before him, ‘go down boy’, as they go to kneel on the infamous birching block!

In position, the protected tail of his shirt is moved off the waiting and vulnerable bare bottom, protruding perfectly to receive the freshly soaked time honoured flogger.


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The master wields the birch and down is swishes, the flogging has began and one wilful lad immediately begins to regret his foolish bad behaviour.




The boy must stand now waiting, facing the wall, his bare bottom burning and displaying the painful aftermath of the birch. Its not over.

This particular Housemaster always believes in following up with the flat of his hand, especially when its a cocky senior. So a spanking it will be, over the knee and again siting on the birching block.







The Cast

Jerry Bosak (while he could still sit down)





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5 thoughts on “The Birching Block 13”
  1. Such a pleasure to see Jerry take his punishment, especially when he is stripped naked for the second instalment – the only other element that would make this absolute perfection would be to have a couple of lads watching and enjoying the show.

  2. Excellent combination. I agree that one or two other lads watching while they wait for their naked punishment would be hot

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