The Birching Block 18

The Birching Block 18

It’s time for another badly behaved boy whose name is on the bill to report to his Housemaster to receive the birch. Shipley (Tom Malone) will soon have to bare his bottom and go down on to the birch block like countless miscreants before him.


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The swish of the freshly soaked birch will build up to a burning finale but unfortunately this time not to be the end of his punishment.

This housemaster always rounds off with a good over the knee spanking the last thing a lad wants after feeling those biting birch twigs but alas he deserves it!

Shipley is played by Tom Malone




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An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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6 comments on “The Birching Block 18

  1. Here here HRH what a wonderful production 10 out 10.
    This is the best I have seen Tom Malone featured on Sting has really brighten up a dreary day here in the UK

  2. Great video! Superb spanking position. Would love to have seen Tom excited by his discipline… One can dream!

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