The Birching Block 20

A misbehaving public school lad has got himself put on the punishment bill and must report to the Housemaster to receive the birch. The boy (James Lewis) will soon hear the fearful words many have heard before him, ‘go down boy’, as he goes to kneel on the infamous birching block!

Now in position the boy’s waiting bare backside, protruding perfectly, to receive the freshly soaked time honored flogger.


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The master wields the birch and down it swishes, the flogging has began and one willful lad immediately begins to regret his foolish bad behavior.


The boy stand now waiting facing the wall his bare bottom burning.

Its not over. This particular Housemaster always believes in following up with the flat of his hand, especially when it’s a cocky lad like this. So a spanking it will be, over the knee and again siting on the birching block to administer it!

James Lewis stars in The Birching Block 20




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “The Birching Block 20”
  1. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks to James and may I also say the camera man for the excellent close ups of James super bottom and his big balls dangling down. James did look as if he felt the birching and I loved how he endeavoured to smooth his lovely bottom before going on to receive a truly hard hand spanking.
    10 out of ten for this production.

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