The Birching Block 22

In public schools the birch once featured as a major instrument of correction. We continue our series with another look at its administration. One memorable feature was the type of support used to carry out the punishments. There were several but in this story we again feature the birching block, constructed to match the same size as the original.

One of the senior boys, Barrett (Scott Grande) has been taking too many liberties. His continual skylarking had exasperated the Headmaster, and he is sent to his Housemaster Mr Stone (James Holt) to be severely punished.


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Ordered to strip off and mounr the birching block a good thrahing with the birch commences, untils the red welts leave Barrett with a very painful reminder.

But it is not over yet as it is now followed by a damn good spanking on his already painful bottom, making sure that with each crack of the habd he will know not to behave like that again!




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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “The Birching Block 22”
  1. Its great to have a school themed production again and one featuring the more than acceptable model Scott Grandee as the punishment boy,
    In my book Scott is now the top Sting model and he makes the perfect 6thForm boy. It was lovely to see his delicious bottom bent over the birch which he took well and then otk for his spanking.
    I will once again ask as to see more of Scott with another of the young looking and atheletic models dressed as ‘school’ boys and being slippered or caned. I do wish these requests dont keep falling on deaf ears.

  2. Thanks for a very hot vid. What an ideal young an for the birch. But he should have gotten at least a dozen more strokes. And James is good too. More of the young Grande getting it, also with the cane.

  3. James Holt, just like all the other major actors in Sting Pictures, looks amazing in a dress shirt, tie, and dress slacks!!! He is SO astonishingly handsome!!! I would SO love for him to put me over his knee and spank me with a razor strap until my bare bottom glows in the dark and then make me worship him and his tall, well built, sexy body!!! This is one fabulously handsome, sturdy, strapping young man I’d love to get down and dirty with!!! I love him!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🔥💯😍🤩

  4. In my previous post I mentioned having James Holt whip my butt with a razor strap… What I really meant to say is that I would love for him to give me multiple spankings/floggings with a variety of implements (paddle, strap, cane, birch, whip, etc…), each punishment session with a different implement. I would like these whippings to be extremely severe!!! I want him to cane/birch me to the blood!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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