The Birching Block 24
In this episode, Harry (Liam Rose) has been summoned for punishment on the birching block by the headmaster and needless to say it will be a painful encounter, and he knows just which part of his lithe young body will be feeling that pain!

As he removes his britches and kneels on the block with his bottom raised with each swish of the birch becoming more and more painful as he stiffens every muscle, struggling to endure the fiery sensation engulfing his rump.

Then, to ensure that Harry fully understands the gravity of his behaviour he now goes over the knee for a good spanking on those red painful welts which of course will result in much better behaviour from now on.

Liam Rose plays Harry



The Birching Block 24 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Birching Block 24 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

One thought on “The Birching Block 24”
  1. I’m surprised no one’s commented on this post. Liam’s not my normal type, but I thought he showed great character, which more than outweighed that. Like Finn, he has a great command of English & seemed to really get into the part. I certainly hope we see much more of him!

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