The Borstal 9

Scene 2

The second lad due a spanking is Briggs (Oscar Hart) this longer term inmate knows all the tricks but sooner or later always comes up against authority head on or this case butt on. The Governor likes to keep trainee records clean so often favours an off the record punishment. Briggs too is now to report to Mr Sharpe.

For his unruly attitude the Senior officer will bring his birch switch in to play!


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The switching followed of course by a scorching spanking on Briggs already burning bare bottom.





Such was the price of misbehaviour in the Borstals of yesteryear.

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “The Borstal 9 (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview”
  1. A very enjoyable clip especially the scene with Oscar Hart I loved the intensity of it all. I’ve never been Oscar’s biggest fan but he has always had very good charisma on film he’s very extravagant in his performance and I like his reluctance, you can feel the hesitation in his voice and the sluggish way he moves around. I absolutely love the way Oscar moves and struggles during his actual OTK spanking for Marco that must be a pain in the ass (no pun intended) but for us it’s quite thrilling to see a guy move around so naturally… I do like a guy who can take it like a man but it’s always fun to see them put up a flight like Oscar always seems to do I can’t help but think he only makes it worse for himself though it sure doesn’t please Marco “KEEP STILL” lol. The birch switch looked real nasty (in a good way) it was the perfect starter to admister the blazing OTK that Oscar received after its lingering effects Oscar couldn’t compose himself while OTK. I’d like to see the birch switch used again prior to OTK It’s very effective and most definitely “sharp” and “whippy” Oscar takes a good hard spanking in his scene and it was great fun to watch It’s cute how he always falls to the floor clenching his sore bottom at the end of his punishment how wonderful!! Oh yeah and I liked his hairdo 😎

    Evan Ryker is a very good looking model with a great body and a very nice bottom. I’m actually really excited by his constant recent appearances because models can only get better and better with time just take a look how marvellous Robin Palmer has become… I feel Evan could potentially take a really good hard spanking as he builds up his tolerance and become a great Sting model I look forward to seeing his future clips as Evan is probably one of the hottest models that I’ve liked in a while and he could possibly be the new Rudi he has that same handsome aura that Rudi possessed so I’m enlightened to see more of him and I love his hand tattoo which I could be in the minority for but I think it gives him the edge and pulls on him being the “bad boy”. I adored the shots at the beginning of Evan’s scene with him standing in his underwear facing the wall he looked ever so handsome and pretty the camera shot from the floor looking up is always a great view. The shot at 4:10 while Evan is laid over the bench is quite tantalising he fills out that underwear very well back and front must I say. A very delightful scene with Evan and an all around good clip.

    This picture is astonishing a real hot capture. I love how Oscar’s legs are doing the talking raise and kick!! 😄

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