At Rainsford institution discipline continues to be administered the
traditional way. Falling foul of the rules or misbehaving can get you on
report and in deep trouble with the governor.


In this episode two lads have already incurred his wrath. Chandler
played by Rudi Vallance and Murray played by Milo Mills are sent
straight to Officer Sharpe for some severe discipline to be


This officer is strict and soon has both of the boys well placed over
his knee one after the other. The spanking is hard and the boys bare
bottoms are quickly turned deep red and burning raw!









Known to turn around cocky young trainees the old thick punishment strap
is introduced in to the session. Now they really are yelping as this
leather tongue of fire gets to work. The two lads bent over the
punishment frame, bare backsides raised high, can do little but receive
these painful bands of fire the best way that they can!






 A second set of images from The Borstal 2
Hammond played by Kurt Maddox has taken his tendency to be cheeky far
too far. The governor now completely tired of the lad’s behaviour takes a
hand in dealing with him.
 He starts by laying on a good hard spanking. The boy hoisted up over his
knee thinks he can take it and is reluctant to admit his guilt.



 The Governor however is having none of it and orders the boy over the
punishment frame. Having dealt with many a stubborn cocky lad in the
past he has a method of getting results.
 This is achieved by the insertion of a stick of ginger essence in a very tender part of the lad’s posterior. 
 Now with his backside deeply stinging, raised upwards and very
uncomfortable, both the leather strap and rattan cane will have him
taken down more than a peg or two in no time!









By Bruce

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