Naval Story Part 2


At the cadet training ship T.S Morsus
sea trials for final year cadets have finished and the lads are back in
their land base. The Captain however has had some bad reports about two
particular cadets.


Boy Seaman Morrison (Mark Lewis) is up
on a charge, his record of service while at sea has been far less than
needed to make the grade. 


Not wanting to spoil a young cadet’s report
the Captain sends him to receive corporal punishment from his Chief
Petty Officer. 



And it gets worse!!

This way at least he’ll get a fresh start but not till
after he’s received a stinging spanking follow by a harsh leather
strapping and cuts of the rattan cane on his enflamed bare bottom.








Another cadet Boy Seaman Turner (Rudi
Vallance) is also reporting to the CPO. He has been charged with
negligence after fooling about in the ships munitions store.


 Again in it
will the Chief Petty Officers job to make sure he sees the error of his





 Muscular built Turner finds himself over the knee and being
spanked hard on his bare bottom. 




  If this is not humiliating enough for
an older rating the scorching caning, in full naval tradition to follow
it up, will certainly make an impression!





Both boys will return to their bunks
with well reddened backsides but perhaps will have to sleep face down
after lights out to give some relief to their now well scorched

By Bruce

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