As promised, here are some more images from Sting’s incredible special length (1 hour 6 minute) download “The Brothers”. I am a fan of everything Sting makes, however, they really excelled themselves with “The Brothers, which is one of the best made and most erotic spanking movies I have ever seen.

To be continued…….. More stills from The Brothers will be posted tomorrow


The Brothers (Download)

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “The Brothers – Part 2”
    1. If you mean the scene where three postulates are spanked at the same time, the boys are Darren, Andreas and Robbie Estevez, I am not sure who was the youngest of that three.

      Other cast members were Barry, Marc Russell, Scott Hart, Max MacKenzie, and Matt Steel with Margusta and Nicky Hornby among the spankers

    1. Sorry, I misunderstood you, the youngest of the three brothers doing the spanking is Nick (Nicky) Hornby, he previously played the sadistic head boy in “The New Prefect’s Revenge”

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