Further images from “The Brothers” – Among a large cast Darren, who’s unmistakable and frequently spanked bottom is in the picture above, appears in three scenes in the role of Quinlan.

Estonian lad Robbie also takes his punishment from Brother Mark in the role of Coughlan

Marc Russell gives an outstanding performance as the “habitual sinner” O’Rourke

Matt Steel appears in his first sting movie in the role of Kyle Byrne

Another new sting lad is Scott Hart in the role of Brother Luke who starts out as a young disciplinarian but soon ends up of the receiving end of a painful spanking and belting himself when he is caught misbehaving.


The Brothers (Download)

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “The Brothers – Part 3”
  1. I liked this video very much. I am quite impressed by new Sting lad Scott Hart, who played Brother Luke in “The Brothers”. I especially liked the scene where he was punished. Scott is the kind of good-looking, masculine, clean-cut, muscular guy who should play the bottom (spankee) role more often in your videos – I am not a “twink fan”. I only wish that he had been spanked for a while on the seat of his underwear before he got the bare-bottomed spanking treatment.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I am afraid that, from what I have heard, Scott Hart has decided he does not wish to make any more movies. However, Sting have said that they are actively seeking some more masculine and hunky bottoms, in addition to the more twinky models.

    1. Hi Corey, Darren and Bramdon Junior has apered in the three of the same Sting videos “Mr Royce PT Master” “Oh Brother” and “Back Inside My Bortal Days 2” but they were never together in the same scene

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