The Coaches Cure 5

The Coach (Dorian Easton) is not happy with the lax behavior of one of his team (Finn Harper) The college is very strict about the way it develops it’s star players. Missing practice and hanging around head deep in a mobile might be the modern way but it won’t make winners, that’s what the college team needs.

So, maybe it is best to just remind this lad that some things are more important than others. The coach has a well tried training method to do this and will again put it into practice.


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A sharp paddling on the butt followed by a bare bottom spanking will hopefully put the boy back on track!

A sore bottom should keep him attending practice in future!




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By Bruce

18 thoughts on “The Coaches Cure 5”
  1. I hope to see some HOME DOMESTIC settings there’s too many SCHOOL/SPORTS themed films as of lately and no domestic home settings.

  2. Fantastic Finn does it again for me and the scenario is so realistic but this time with an American theme involving the paddle for a change. To be fair, Sting do their best to provide a variety of scenes to suit all tastes and should be commended for giving us such a diverse range of films. For me seeing the coach get spanked would be unrealistic and a total turn off.

  3. Going back to Luke’s point, one scenario we have not had with Finn is a domestic one where he has overslept and gets a spanking. Maybe his dad finds him asleep in bed, pulls away the covers to reveal Finn in boxers, then turns him over for a handspanking. That’d be really hot.

    1. Home domestic scene’s are my favourite I especially like when a lad gets spanked for fighting I imagine Finn laying in bed in walks step-dad… What’s this about you getting into a fight last night and hurting another lad? I will now hurt your arse young man! 🍑👋🏻

      I particularly love the extent you can go to with home domestic settings it can cover so much and it can also be intertwined into these school/college theme’s. “In Trouble At School… In Trouble At Home” which Sting have actually covered in the past.

  4. The school/sports themed ass-roastings are great. But I agree some Sting butt-whippings in other scenes would be hot too. Cowboys or farmhands bent over a sawhorse in a woodshed, barn or garage, construction workers grabbing ankles on a job site, historic scenes with criminals in stocks or on a whipping horse with their buttocks razor strapped or branded.

  5. That’s quite an accumulation of ideas.

    Actually I’ve always had this idea of a private but public spanking. Let me explain because this idea is a bit outrageous but, in my view, damn hot! This actually ties into my love for domestic scene’s but I be always had this idea of a “PUBLIC RESTROOM SPANKING” (sounds grim I know) but I imagine a step-father and son out for the day (some step-father/step-son bonding time) and the son is caught doing something outrageous maybe he could be stealing from a retail store for example something quite drastic. Anyhow when pair were taking a “rest break” when the step dad found what his son had stolen then decided to spank him in a stall (behind a locked door of course) over Step-dad’s knee and all people can hear are the slaps and moans from the spanking as people are in and out of the facility. It’s a very far fetched idea but a hot fantasy especially because it has the private but public element which I normally prefer spanking to be more private for example keeping it between few people but this has that element as well as being completely embarrassing and humiliating for the lad especially at the end as dad forces his step son out the restroom (as he is pulling up his trousers) then march’s him to the car and home where the spanking really gets started!!

    Admittedly a very outlandish and wild idea that is just a fantasy and probably not something I’d even think of anyone filming as it’s just so unorthodox.

  6. Ah Sting, what a great way to send us into the weekend. I think I’m always going to love anything with Finn in it! Seeing him paired with Dorian, another really good looking guy, was a treat, too (although he had his back to the camera for a big portion of the clip). With their good looks, similar height and even similar hair cuts, they could play brothers very well(*hint hint*). Like many above, I would love more domestic scenes, especially with Finn, Austin, and Marco!

    I appreciated the way that Finn got part-way dressed after being paddled so that we could enjoy seeing him spanked over his underwear before they were pulled down a second time – very hot! I also love how wide Dorian’s stance is when spanking Finn, supporting his entire upper body across his lap. It makes him look so in control even though Finn is such a tall lad!

    I have a feeling Finn got off a bit easy in this one. Dorian’s swing doesn’t seem to have the same force that we see in some other tops, despite his beautifully-built upper body. Finn has faced some really scorching spankings from Marco and James Holt, where he gets more vocal and squirms to cover his bottom or get free, and by comparison this one looked on the light side. Nonetheless it was a great video for all the reasons I’ve mentioned, and one that I’ll watch again and again.

    Bruce, a while back Sting were talking about doing interviews with some of the models – is that something that is going to be possible in the near future?

  7. I have already watched this video numerous times! A real investment for anyone who enjoys watching Finn getting his phenomenally pert bottom smacked! So many elements that I love!

    I particularly appreciated watching Finn laid over the knee in a pair of black underpants!

  8. Thank for a hot vid, it is always hot to see a naked Finn spanked. But I still would like to see coach Dorian drop his pants for a good caning. Maybe a scenario where he overstep his authority and the head gives him the choice of a caning of being sacked…

  9. Finn always a pleasure and leaves us in anticipation for his next visit with the Sting team. I agree with the good Doctor it was great seeing Finn in his black underpants especially when he put them on again to receive a OTK spanking later in the video. Would be great to see Finn the centre of attention with James Holt and Marco or Rich, similar to On the Bench 6. Can we see Finn being spanked in long soccer socks and his black underwear?
    Hope we get another Finn installment soon.

  10. Bruce, let me add my voice to the chorus of guys clamoring for Dorian Easton to get a long, hard OTK spankng – first on the seat of his speedos or bikini briefs, then on the bare butt.. Even if you have to pay him extra to take a spanking, it would be worth it. What say you?

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