The Coach’s Cure 2

The Senior Coach at the gym (Dorian Easton) has a new apprentice starting (Autsin Cook) his first tasks are quite simple, clean up the gym so the next customer arrives in a nicely prepared work out area.

However, this new boy will unfortunately follow the others in not being able to resist the odd bit of skulduggery on the side.


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The Coach is always able to offer a helping hand to re educate those lads who fall by the wayside. In the case of this particular boy it’s his hand that will be descending hard on the lads bare bottom. A good stinging spanking over the knee and high on the Coach’s lap will be a perfect way to start this specialised method of retraining.




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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “The Coach’s Cure 2”
  1. Dorian Easton is a “strikingly” handsome Coach; hope to see a lot more of him! How about Nude Coach Spanks Athletes, for example!

  2. Would sting ever consider doing a spanking scenario where a normally authoritative man receives a spanking?
    For example if a teacher was spanked in front of students or if a father was disciplined alongside his college son.
    Not a lot of companies make these kind of videos but I find them soooo hot.

  3. To Kimmy – there are many stories where “Coach Stone” (James Holt) is punished by head master or marco – but I would love to see Ryan Conrad getting the right royal Dorian treatment! Love seeing strong manly men taken down a peg. Wouldn’t mind seeing Ryan shed a tear or two as well. Wished the guys getting punished weren’t so complicate and stoic.

  4. You have made it quite clear that the actor Dorian will never be on the receiving end – but would he consider giving a good spanking to a young lad while wearing nothing but his tighty whities? Possible story line big brother catching his younger brother going through his private things in his bedroom – or coach coming out of the locker room showers, dressing, and catching a spying student peeking on him? Someway to enjoy more of his wonderful body.

  5. I think tighty whities aren’t very appreciated now: it’s much time Sting’s spankees don’t wear this underwear.
    I also love tighty whities (especially T model very very tighty) and I would like to see again Austin Cook with this underwear.
    I hope also Austin will be spanked again very soon by Dorian Easton in extremely hot positions (as in this wonderful video): anus full opened over the knee or anus full opened with legs on air.
    What about doggy style over the knee?
    Little brat Austin (or other spankee as beautiful Lucas Taylor) could try to open his bottom and his anus as much as he can. Do you think they could do it?
    Could I finally ask news about Robin Palmer (one of the last Sting’s lads more appreciated)?

    1. Hi Fabio

      Sting often has to compromise to please all of their audience, a lot of fans prefer coloured pants, whereas tighty whities are still very popular.  I am sure we will see more white pants very soon, especially in historical situations.

      It really depends on the type of bottom a boy has as to how much of his “butt button” is visible when he bends over, James Lewis and Austin Cook, for instance naturlly gives a full anal disply when they bend, wheras  with others, who have plumper cheeks  (Finn Harper or Robin Palmer for example) the anus is hidden deep between the curves and less visible.

      Robin is well, and doing okay, Sting hope he will reappear at some stage in the future.

  6. I somehow missed this when it was first released. I just bought it after searching for any Dorian videos I may have missed. I just finished watching it for the second time. Wow. What a great movie and Dorian gave his usual great performance. (I also enjoyed Austin performance.) I especially enjoyed that he just used his formidable hand to get his point across. I also enjoyed that he he spanked Austin both across his lap and high over his knee. Austin’s choice of underwear was slightly disappointing. I would have enjoyed it more if he had worn briefs, trunks or boxers, but that’s just a minor quibble. Thank you all for a very enjoyable video.

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