The Video Preview for

The Coach’s Cure

Starring Dorian Easton and Austin Cook

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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Video Preview for The Coach’s Cure”
    1. I am unable to make any promises in that respect, Dorian is a natural top (Just look at his arms, he’s built that way!!) and don’t believe he wishes to make any changes to that situation!!

  1. Where can I find these “STG FITNESS GYMS” I’m not a gym goer but I’d happily get membership to watch these gym lads getting spanked right there and then on the spot. STG FITNESS – I like it!! 🏋️💪 😂

  2. Bruce, I have a simple solution to the problem of convincing Dorian Easton to play the bottom role in your videos. Pay Dorian more than you would pay the boyish/twinkish models like Austin Cook to be spanked. Rich or Rob could spank Dorian, or you could get some of the bigger models like Dexter or James Holt to spank Dorian. Such a video would be one of your bestsellers.

    What do you think?

  3. I think we should respect Dorian’s choice as responded by Bruce.
    Personally, I am quite content to see more of Austin, Richard, Finn and not forgetting Curtis Cameron who has great potential. I hope we see him again in some form.

  4. Hi Rasputin and Swanlad
    Thanks for your comments, and sorry I haven’t answered before this. Sting are aware that a section of the audience would like to see Dorian in the bottom role, the fact is Dorian feels more comfortable in the role of Top. However, Sting have extended an offer to him, and that will remain open to him in case he changes his mind
    Meanwhile I am sure we will see the likes of Austin, Finn Harper, Richard Hicks and maybe Curtis Cameron back OTK very soon

  5. I’m with Swanlad on this one. And certainly content with more of Finn & Austin and not forgetting the adorable Jerry Bosak. Appreciate the way you moderate Bruce with your wise and gracious comments.

  6. Obviously, you can’t force Dorian to bottom for you if he doesn’t want to, but I do hope the demand from fans has impressed upon you folks at Sting the wish for more physical diversity in your models. Dorian may well be a “natural top”, but big muscles don’t automatically a top make. You have endless twinks on your roster, and that’s fine: that’s your brand, that’s what you want to sell. But twink bottoms are the standard in the small M2M spanking industry, and it can get rather tedious for those of us who are attracted to muscular men, and want to see them spanked. I’d imagine that it’s difficult in general to recruit models, but I can’t believe it’s THAT hard to find some big strapping lad who’s willing to drop his briefs and bend over another man’s lap for a sound spanking. Big guys gotta eat, too.

  7. Let us not forget that Sting were established as a twink studio, specialising in college and institution based scenarios and I assume that much of their loyal fan base belongs to this group. Diversification is welcome but never forget your roots, seemingly particularly appropriate at this time

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