The Housemaster’s Study 10

Well you asked for it, so here it is. Finn Harper and Marco together in a scorching, cane swishing, bare bottom college boy encounter.

When Young Watson(Fin Harper) is caught defacing College property, the impudent lad initially thinks it is amusing.

However, then the consequences of his actions dawn on him, when he realises that The Housemaster (Marco) will now apply some artwork of his own to a particularly tender part of the handsome young rascal’s anatomy

Watson feels very vulnerable when ordered to bend over as the housemaster brings out his most whippy cane.

The young vandal then receives a well deserved caning, starting on the seat of his tight grey shorts …


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Proceeding to his underwear, before ……


Watson feels even more vulnerable when he is required to drop his underpants and expose his bare bottom for a further series of burning strokes from the cane.

It is bad luck for Watson that the Housemaster has an expert touch with the cane, and the, now very unhappy young man, gasps with pain as as each stoke of well honed bamboo leaves a new angry red welt on the sensitive skin of his well moulded bare bottom.


When the caning is over Watson faces the door nursing his fiercely stinging, well punished, bottom

However, it is not over, to hit the nail home, so to speak, he is ordered over the Housemaster’s knee for a damn good spanking, on his still bare and just caned backside.


The rapid battering from the Housemaster’s fim, hard hand, bringing the welts left from the cane back to life with added intensity.



It goes with out question that young Watson would find sitting on a hard chair studying algebra and history for the rest of the day, very uncomfortable indeed.

Has he learnt his lesson, or will he requite a firm hand applied to the seat of the problem again very soon? Only time will tell




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5 thoughts on “The Housemaster’s Study 10”
  1. Absolutely a a wonderful performance. Well done Finn. I don’t know how much was acting and how much reality, but personally I felt every stroke.
    The young models seem to have an affinity for Marco so well done him.

  2. Great video, always love a Finn and Marco pairing. It would be great to see them do one together speaking in Czech (with subtitles for us!) so they can have a bit more dialogue. I would love to hear Finn try to explain his way out of some of his mischief!

  3. What an amazing comeback after a short break! First of all a sensational punishment with the phenomenally spankable James Lewis and then this boner-maker of a caning of the drop-dead gorgeous young Finn! Truly a rocket to Spankers’ Heaven!

    As usual, Finn’s youthful face seems able to maintain an expression of innocence even though he must realise by now that we all know what a naughty boy he is! It certainly doesn’t fool Marco! This is a severe caning – I think much moreso than the boy received last time he was disciplined with the whippy rattan rod! It vividly recalled for me the infamously famous caning of young Paul that those of us who remember Sting’s early naughty schoolboy scenarios will be able to recollect very well indeed! Marco’s caning technique is interesting – fans will no doubt observe that he is using comparatively little force to punish Finn, and yet from the lad’s reactions, it is clearly having a pretty devastating effect on the nerve-ends with which boys’ bottoms are packed! It really is all in the writ! Saying that, I do think that this young man has a certain flair for the dramatic, which I get the impression is helping to pep up his responses to the supple cane whipping across his pert, cheeky bum!

    While I hugely enjoyed Finn’s last caning, I think this one has the edge, in a large measure because of the tighter shorts he is wearing. Only a suggestion, but the solution to providing the boys with shorter shorts might be to alter this or a similar pair with the removal of a good few inches from the legs, leaving them with, say, a two-inch inside leg – that would make them the perfect length for punishment! Either way, though, Finn’s bottom does look beautifully pert with these shorts stretched over it! If a picture paints a thousand words, this one is a veritable Gainsborough in the argument it presents for the wearing of shorts to be compulsory among boys!

    It’s good to hear that things are getting back to a semblance of normality at Sting. I apologise to Marco for my mix-up in congratulating him on recovering from Covid 19 when I wrote my comments on ‘Sports Report 21’. My thoughts go out to Richard and Jonathan still and it’s great to hear that things are on the mend for them!

    Finn looked – and – sounded quite close to tears at one or two moments while he was laid over Marco’s knee here – I wonder if we ever will see him just tipped over that edge…

  4. I am not the biggest fan of the school settings (although I quite like the grey shorts when there very tight fitting) but I contest to loving the playout in this clip as I have done many times in the past…


    Finn looks really good in this clip it was visually very sexy. I enjoyed the side shots at the end with Marco looking on at Finn facing the wall and Finns waddle to Marco before he goes OTK is always hot and those last few slaps always get Finn’s attention!

  5. Have to agree with Dr van Spanking, would LOVE to see the school shorts on Finn even shorter than these ones.

    I know this is a discussion that has been had before, but for me personally the really really short grey shorts (like the ones at Magic Spanking Factory) are a real turn on.

    That said, this is an excellent scene. Finn as always is just great and the whole storyline/scenario really good. Thank you Team Sting as always.

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