The Last Straw

With wayward young lads pushing their luck and getting away with it seems to be the modern trend these days. However two such whipper snappers are about to meet their match!

The first is Robert (new Sting lad Elliot Holman) He’s borrowed, without permission, his older brothers phone and inside the case unbeknown to him are his credits cards too. On top of this he has been using computer equipment without permission. This is quickly discovered by the Headmaster at Robert’s college and reported to Paul (James Holt)

Paul will now take a leaf out of how his memory to discipline him which means young Robert won’t be sitting easy for very long!



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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “The Last Straw (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Wonderful! Elliot Holman is wonderful! Just wish James Holt had a hairbrush handy. And Elliot smoking?! – he certainly deserved a good mouth washing with soap! Smoking is a Nasty habit. But the film was 100% wonderful none the less for that. Jay Sheen’s underpants were a Stinging yellow color, lovely, but I wished they were briefs – stylish none the less. A handsome production. James Holt is becoming quite the favorite. I wish he had been less dressed. Any chance that handsome Holt can give a hearty punishment wearing just his briefs or a jockstrap? Please?

  2. I concur what a find Elliot Holman is and an excellent production.

    Both boys would have passed for the 16/17/18 year old boys I used to teach.

    f only I had been given the opportunity to have slippered their bottoms.

  3. Hi Kass and Michael

    I am glad you both enjoyed the new release. James Holt is doing a great job as a spanker, and I am sure we will see him back as a bottom (maybe even in briefs or a jockstrap) in the near future.

    Despite Elliot and Jay’s youthful looks, I can confirm that they are both over 18, albeit just over 18 in Elliot’s case.

  4. Although light wieght twinks are not my favourite, I have to make an exception with JAY SHEEN. I find him very sexy. LOVE those yellow undies on him , they emphasised his small tight hard sexy bum brilliantly. He has seriously sexy face and and for me a very powerful SENSUAL presence. As alwsys JAMES HOLT ROCKS!

    1. Thanks Jonathan Jay Sheen is becoming a regular feature with Sting, since his first appearance in “A Bedtime Story” it is good to know he is popular.

  5. My oh my, that cheeky little, lad Elliot,is a REAL find with so much going for him! Those youthful looks, slender, boyish physique and beautifully sounded, pert bottom make him just perfect for the role of a Sting disciplinee! I find the sight of a boy laid over the knee in well-fitting black school trousers (especially if the knee happens to be mine!) just a super turn-on!! I hope we’re going to see a lot more of young Elliot and his cheeky bottom! I’d particularly appreciate seeing him disciplined in a pair of coloured briefs on another occasion although he does wear those white ones very spankably indeed. A great first smacked bottom, Elliot!
    And what about the sight of young Jay laid across the knee in those yellow boxer briefs! Interestingly enough, yellow underpants don’t usually do it for me, but I certainly couldn’t say that about the pair Jay was wearing! And how they do so bring out the impertinent roundness of his buttocks! I couldn’t see even the most fanatical member of the no-smacking brigade being able to resist that if they were standing behind Jay during that spanking! More of Jay too, please! I’m dying to see what else he’s got in his pants-drawer! I really think it’s fantastic what you lads do for us! Thank you, boys, both of you and thank you, James, for the enthusiasm you bring to the role!

    1. Thank you Doctor van Spanking, I always enjoy reading your feedback. I am delighted that both Elliot and Jay so inspired you to more of your entertaining writing! When I say the colourful pants Jay had chosen, I guessed they would appeal to you!!

  6. I think JAMES HOLT makes an awesome top. I totally love the way he hand spanks. He has a hot body and butt so he is exciting to watch as a bottom. Still he seems more comfortable and impressive as a top. Always like the idea of top wearing pants with no shirt and the bottom( mmmm thinking about delicious Karl Frazer again) wearing shirt with no pants.

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