Sixth Formers – Something to “wine” about

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Further images and story line from Sting’s latest Special Price Classic and its time for Darren and Damien to take their punishment

Paul Bishop (Damien Drake) has the dubious honour of being the Deputy Headmasters son. Not an easy weight to carry and even more so if you are caught cheating. For this offence the punishment is mandatory!


Young Paul is soon bending over in the Heads study for a stinging caning.



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By the time he reluctantly begins to lower his white briefs the burning stripes are clear to see now he must endure the remaining cuts across his already very tender bare bottom. Afterwards Paul can’t rest easy as it’s now going to be a case of ‘wait till your father gets home!’


Later that evening poor young Paul’s already stripped bottom is going to feel the wrath of Dad’s palm






Followed by a very painful brown leather belt!



The illustrious Head Boy Crawford (Darren) might think he’s got away with it all too but a pre-arranged meeting with the Deputy Head is to take issue with the fact the he has knowingly purchased stolen wine from Jason Shaw. As head boy he knows the risk of breaking the rules and the Deputy Head is not at all happy with the appalling example he has shown.

Crawford is soon lowering his pants knowing what is to follow

A bare bottom spanking reduces the proud Head Boy to the position of the naughty boy he really is.



The spanking is swiftly followed but a sharp bare bottom whacking with a thick beech wood rule.

Crawford’s very rounded and now incendiary red bare bottom is testimony to its effective punishment.


Crawford now joins the ranks of all these wayward sixth formers now really do have something to wine about!




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Sixth Formers – Something to Wine About


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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Sting Classic – Sixth Formers Something to “wine” about (Part 2 of 2)”
    1. Hi HRH

      Yes Damien does now work behind the scenes with Sting including doing a lot of film editing. He is currently working on a different project, but will be back with Sting in May.

        1. I can’t say for certain, I guess one should never say never, but I think it is unlikely, he prefers working behind the scenes now.

  1. Damien just has a look that says he needs to be spanked. He has a very naughty boy face and a very inviting bum for a whipping. Sexy Damien must be hot to work with.

    1. Hi Jonathan

      Leonardo is very much still around, and I am sure Sting will be shooting with him again very soon

    2. I am afraid I may have misled you earlier. I know Sting would love to make more films with Leonardo, but I was speaking to Rich O’Shea earlier who tells me that Leonardo is now retired from acting and is happily runing his own gym.

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