In the second half of Sting Pictures’ Double Bill, the 1900 House of Correction various implements are employed in order to discipline the youthful behinds of six unfortunate young Edwardian lads. After the firm hand spankings, seen in part one (below this posting) it is now time for three of the young scallywags to experience a taste of the leather strap.

His bottom still stinging from the master’s firm hand Barry bends over the bed for a good hard belting.

One young man will be sleeping on his front
The Colonel is pleased to note from the sounds echoing around the institution that his rules are being vigorously applied

Believing he is unobserved, one young lad (Matt Mills) takes the opportunity fore a little solitary pleasure.

But the unlucky young rascal gets caught in the act

And finds himself face down over the fortunate Master Rob’s knee

As with Barry, Matt’s bottom is still burning when he has to bend over and take a belting

Maybe Matt still has a lesson to learn

Handsome Jay is also in line to taste a very serious looking leather strap across his tender behind

To Be Continued …..

By Bruce

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