A regular feature of most sting movies is the good old fashioned school cane which makes two classic appearances in the 1900 House of Correction (part 2 of the Sting Double Bill)


The first to feel the STING of the cane is Vex, who you will recall already received a firm bare bottom hand spanking earlier in the movie

Those marks will take a while to fade, and it will be some time before Vex will be sitting comfortably!!

That certainly brought tears to his eyes!


The next Sting Lad in line for the cane is Mark
The scene ends with yet another tearful young man!To Be ContinuedLinks- For US users

The scene ends with yet another tearful young man!

To Be Continued


Sting Double Bill – DVD
Sting Double Bill – Download

Sting at Mans Hand Films– For US users

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