The Second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects

In Scene three, Mark Jackson (Oscar Hart) is a youthful sixth former who always seems to be causing an upset after lights out in the dormitory. Tired of this his Housemaster, Mr Volny (Johan Volny) decides to take direct action!


This cheeky pup is going over the knee to have his bare bottom spanked raw, that way he might see some sense next time he wants to lark around.


Mr Volny’s scorching palm has made a good effect on young Mark’s backside but it’s the India rubber gym slipper that will finally burn some manners in to this badly behaved youth. Grabbing his ankles his rounded little backside thrust out all the lad can do now is yelp and the Housemasters slipper crack’s firmly home.


Mr Graves is on his late night dormitory check and unfortunately for one lad Crowley (Rudi Vallance) he is caught puffing on a cigar almost certainly purloined from the staff room. Mr Graves, a total non-smoker, is not amused and gives Crowley a hiding there and then.


Crowley is also a member of the football team, a respected sports boy and should know better. His muscular and well-rounded bare bottom is turned a scorching red by the master but now he dispatches Crowley off to bring back the cane.


Once more the lad’s backside is thrust out and the cane thwipps home! The stinging biting stripes from the wicked rattan instantly give Crowley something to think about, giving up casual smoking is certainly high on the list!


Unfortunately Robert Barclay didn’t take his cue to behave the first time after a spanking from Mr Graves. Now thoroughly tired of this senior boy’s antics the Head orders the birch to be laid on.


Straddling the gym horse like the cannon on a warship Barclay grits his teeth and the well soaked birch cuts down. Its supple twigs, like red hot wires, burning painful waves of much needed discipline in to this insolent sixth former’s defenceless bare bottom. Maybe in time these imperfect prefects will become perfect after all!

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By Bruce

32 thoughts on “The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects (Part 2)”
  1. Perfect example in 2nd picture of one thing I hate the guy isn’t told to stand up to remove his garments. In future maybe if they could be told to stand up.

    1. I’m afraid I must differ. Stopping the spanking and telling a guy to stand up and remove his pants breaks the momentum of the scene. I wouldn’t have the “spankee” remove his underwear himself. I wouldn’t even have the “spanker” tell the “spankee” to lift up so that his underpants can be pulled down more easily. I find the spanking more humiliating and more effective when the spanker strips the spankee, spanking the guy on the seat of his briefs and on his bare bottom like he was a little boy.

      Rich O’Shea did it right in the first scene. He had Travis lying over his lap, and he was spanking the guy fiercely. He didn’t tell Travis to stand up, remove his underwear, and then get back over his lap. He didn’t even tell Travis to “lift up”. He simply pulled Travis’s brief’s down himself, baring the grown young man’s buttocks like was a little boy. and continued the spanking without a break in the momentum. This made the spanking scene more humiliating and more intense for Travis.

      Congratulations again for a fine video, guys.

  2. This is as good a place as any to ask this question, Bruce. I attempted to download a Sting video called “Diary Down Under”. Still photos and preview video clips from this video have been featured on “Feel the Sting”. Randal Pittman and Dexter, among others, were in the cast.

    I found the “Diary Down Under” segment on “Feel the Sting”, and I clicked on the download link on this website. However, I got an error message – “Diary Down Under” could not be found, or something to that effect. Can you help me? It is impossible to find a specific video on the Sting Pictures website directly.

    1. I just want to point out a lot of your links to sting website downloads don’t work I know that because I have tried a few maybe it was there new website update.

    2. Yes, I am aware that some of the older links are broken, that happened when Sting opened the new website. I am trying to fix them all, but its taking time.

      Meanwhile, Sting have added a search facility to the main website at the moment int in in the top right hand corner, under the log in/out tab. They will be moving it to an easier to spot position shortly.

  3. These pictures look magical. Will Sting be releasing any more “Downloads on DVD” or “Discipline Chronicles” DVDs? It is nice to be able to watch them on TV, I’d especially like to see the 1080p HD ones on wide screen

  4. I really liked the way that both Travis McKinnon and Johnny Crawford responded to their punishments in a demonstrative manner, both physically and vocally. Jonathan Sting described it as “squirm and squeal”.

    Travis did a fair amount of grimacing, flinching and squirming over Rich’s lap during the OTK spanking sequence, and even more so when he was bent over the chair for a belting, even jumping out of position twice because of the pain – he got the “squirm part” right. He also grunted, groaned, muttered “ow!” and even “f*#ck!” a couple of times under his breath – he got the “squeal part” right as well.

    Johnny was not spanked OTK, but instead was hand-spanked and paddled while he was lying transversely across a gym horse. The horse was high, so Johnny’s feet did not touch the ground. As his feet could not stabilize him, he did a lot of flinching, rocking and squirming while lying over the horse; a very nice touch indeed. Johnny also did a lot of flinching and squirming when he was draped longitudinally over the horse for his birching. Finally, Johnny convincingly grunted and groaned and grimaced during his ordeal, even shedding silent tears at the end of his birching. In other words, he got the “squirm and squeal parts” right.

    Kudos to Travis, Johnny, Rich, Marco, and the production crew for this video.

  5. I forgot to mention two minor points which I liked. With regards to footwear while being spanked, I feel that normally the “spankee” should best be barefoot. However, if socks are necessary, they should either be white or light gray. I normally don’t like shoes at all, with sneakers and “flip-flops” being the least objectionable.

    Travis wore light gray socks, Johnny was barefoot, and Rudi wore white socks during their punishments, so congratulations for getting the footwear right.

  6. I like spanking scenes that end with the “spankee” continuing to lie over the lap of the “spanker” for a few seconds after the punishment is over, softly moaning and whimpering in pain. I also like the scenes where a soothing cream is applied to the ravaged buttocks of the spankee, with shots of both the guy’s buttocks and his facial expressions (groans, grimaces, whimpers, etc.) while the cream is applied.

    The ending scene, where Marco applied cream to the birched buttocks of Johnny, with shots both of Johnny’s grimacing, tear-stained face and of his ravaged rear end, was very effective.

  7. As always great stuff. Thanks for all the work put into this blog. On your other blog jockspank…who is the vrery hot guy on the main page wearing only jeans and shades while holding a strap? He is amazing… guess he is in the video ryans real discipline. The video clip does not work….any idea who he is and where to find more of him? He looks like a guy in a great Carlo Coxs video from a few years ago in a four some scene on a pool table….love to know whst the film was. Thanks

    1. I am sorry, I am not sure which guy you mean, there isn’t a picture on JockSpanks main page at the moment that I can see of a guy wearing jeans and shades, and all the video clips on the main page work for me.

  8. I just watch the trailer you made that poor guy cry. I’m not sure how I feel about that I’m very sympathetic person so when I see that is like I feel bad for him.

    1. Other Sting actors have shed some tears during their ordeal. However, as far as I can tell, none of them have sobbed.

    2. sob – to weep with convulsive gasps. Johnny didn’t go that far. He wept silently. It was a convincing performance.

  9. Oh also I forgot to say Rusty as well his a skilled spanker like if he spanks you… you bet your gonna get up with an ass red raw. The scene with him and nick is a personal fav of mine. I reccomend it. It’s an older clip but very good. Spanked on an already sore ass turn me on so much getting turnt on just writing about it lol.

  10. I was watching back my clips and there was a scene of Dexter and Darren and I just love when Dexter started getting angry in hiscface as hevwas spanking I’ll buy any clip withvhik as a top wish he could spank me. Sexy spanker I just love a fit spanker like rich is OK but Dexter’s his the Daddy he has good hands too always clean short nails. I sound really slutty now so I’m gone to shut up. But more otk scenes with him please as the top and I’ll buy. Maybe him and that new guy Gerry then maybe him and me. ;

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