A medium length (35.2 minute) download first released by Sting in February 2012 was 
“The Sixth Formers –something to wine about)


It’s back to Coombe Hall College and an introduction at the new batch of 6th formers. A catalogue of misdemeanours kicks off with Michael King (Tom Nuttall) being escorted by the Head Boy (Darren) for a none too courteous visit to the Heads study! With no time to spare the headmaster leaves the disciplinary measures in the hands of the Head Boy. Crawford swiftly orders King to the common room and lays on a good firm spanking.





This is followed in time honoured fashion by a raw dose of the gym slipper, face down on a bench, bare bottom well raised. Its clear Crawford takes pride in his work and Michael’s cute little butt is soon blistered red as the smooth and painful rubber sole makes its mark!


Meanwhile, Jason Shaw is a very youthful looking senior, it’s therefore surprising that he has managed yet again to shop lift wine from the local off-licence (liquor store). This despicable act will somehow be kept within the confines of the school but the headmaster is naturally furious not to mention Jason’s Head of House the gruff German master Mr Kruger.


 The lad’s foolishness is soon answered with a bottom burning session across the Housemasters knee

With his pants round his knees



 but it doesn’t end there as he is ordered to return that evening in pyjamas for an official birching. Defiance like this must be met with an exemplary punishment and the head intends that this time he should get it. 


Also at Combe Hall is Paul Bishop (Damien Drake), who is caught cheating.
For this offence the punishment is mandatory and young Paul is soon touching his toes in the Heads study for a stinging caning


By the time he reluctantly begins to lower his white briefs the burning stripes are clear to see; now he must endure the remaining cuts across his already very tender bare bottom. Afterwards Paul can’t rest easy as it’s now going to be a case of ‘wait till your father gets home!’..


Later that evening poor young Paul’s already stripped bottom is going to feel the wrath of his Housemaster’s palm…………



followed by a very painful brown leather belt! 



Young Paul will not be sitting down for some while!!
Pride comes before a fall, and although Crawford, the illustrious Head Boy, might think he’s got away with, he hasn’t. Crawford’s luck runs out when the Deputy Head finds out that he he has knowingly purchased stolen wine from Jason Shaw
Resulting in a humiliating bare bottomed, over the knee spanking ….

As head boy he knows the risk of breaking the rules and the Deputy Head is not at all happy with the appalling example he has shown.

A well deserved spanking is swiftly followed but a sharp bare bottom whacking with a thick beech wood rule. Crawford’s very rounded and now incendiary red bare bottom is testimony to its effective punishment.



 Crawford too will be sleeping on his front that night!!




All these wayward sixth formers now really do have something to “wine” about!
NB: US readers should note that in Britain the term “Sixth former” applies to seniour students, usually aged 18 and over, in their final year of school education.

By Bruce

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