Scroll down to view the video trailer for the recent Sting download “Sports Report 2” Starring Darren, Rudi Valance, Randal Pittman with Eddie Savion and Tony Haines laying on the stripes.

 2.13 minute VIDEO TRAILER
The full length video is available via the following links:

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Video Trailer for Sports Report 2”
  1. Superb video.

    Both Eddie and Toby are great as tops, and all three boys are incredible. I adore Darren and Rudy is growing on me very quickly.

    More like this please

  2. I enjoyed this video quite a bit. Darren and Randall Pittman did a great job as bottoms. Darren is superb as always. Randall is a new model to me, but his acting is good and his beefy thighs and butt are very appealing.

    Rudi Valance did a better acting job than in his earlier work, and he’s very handsome and muscular. I hope he further improves his acting (i.e., less stoic) in future videos.

    Eddie was fine as a top, but Toby was just a little too boyish-looking. If he bulked up a bit and looked a little older and meaner, he’d make a great top or “authority figure”, as his acting is fine.

    Still, a very good video.

    1. Hi Bruce.

      One more thing. The tight, skimpy briefs worn by Rudi, Randall and Darren were excellent, as they accentuated their firm, beefy buttocks and upper thighs.

  3. Another superb Sting movie, I saw the trailer at Spanking Tube and bought it on spec and wasn’t disappointed. I never am by Sting

    Darren is turning into a very handsome man, as well as an athlete it would be interesting to have him appear as a guy of about 25, maybe a con-man or some bank employee caught stealing from his employers, who is given the choice of taking a spanking or being reported to the police.

    It would be hot if the person who catches him gets sadistic pleasure from having Darren at his mercy, (Mike Cross would be good) and if Darren was really embarrassed at being spanked at his age.

    I liked the scene in Oh Brother where Darren had to service Dexter

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