The Sports Master

It appears that Austin Cook never learns to keep his dirty mouth in check, this time it was on the sorts field and normally the coach would deal with the brat, but as it has happened before this time the Sports Master takes charge of his foul language, and he is none to pleased about it!

Starting with a damn hard spanking

Which finishes on Austin’s naked plump round bottom, as it should do!

The discomfort is starting show, but no way is that enough to extinguish his constant swearing so it is time for a dose of the heavy sports slipper to really send the message home.

With each stinging crack and whack of the slipper on top of an already spanked butt, surely this will do the trick!

Job done! …. for now




The Sports Master – in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Sports Master – in Standard Definition


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “The Sports Master”
  1. A very rewarding purchase.
    Austin is a good looking young man with a delicious bottom just made for spanking and more importantly the slipper.
    Since his introduction to spanking several years ago now he has developed the ability to take hard discipline and has the sort of bottom which can absorb a good dose of the slipper.
    Excellent punishment shots and his sports kit and tight fitting shorts and pant are a real turn on.
    thank you Sting and of course Austin

  2. It is good to see Austin back in the hot seat! I notice he has become a little petulant now – like Robin used to be.
    Austin seems to have the perfect shaped body for bending over the back of that chair. The height of it lifts his bum up into the best position for slippering; Austin obviously found it a bit uncomfortable though because he shifted his feet to be wider apart. Well done Austin – I hope you continue to be a naughty boy.
    It is good to see Rich in action again too.

  3. This video is an absolute MUST for fans of young Austin! A severe punishment with this naughty lad in two classic positions – laid over the knee and then made to bend over the chair – how often I experienced the humiliation of those positions myself when being disciplined!

    It is great to see those brief shorts being given an airing once again, this time stretched to their limit over Austin’s pert and deliciously well-rounded bottom!

    Easily one for my spanky ‘Favourites’ folder!

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