“The Trials of Truancy” starring Nick and Charlie in their first Sting Movie was released in 2009.

The Description of the Trials of Truancy:

The Headmaster of Connaught School is not a happy man, neither is the housemaster of Leighton House Gerry Richardson. Two unruly students, Greg Miller (Charlie) and Guy Harvey (Nick) have yet again decided to take time out but of course without any form of permission. All would have been well and no one would have been the wiser except for one fact.

During his return to the college the lad’s housemaster Gerry Richardson often cuts through the park. On this occasion during his stroll the game would soon be up for Greg and Guy. Caught this time red handed and out of bounds, out of class, out of school and out of luck. Mr Sturgeon the headmaster decides enough is enough and an example must be made. Marched in to the heads study by Mr Richardson and following a stern lecture a dose of discipline is quickly prescribed.

For Greg and Guy the afternoon will now be taken up with a painful session of punishment from both the head and their own housemaster. All designed to refresh in the minds of these senior students that rules are rule and to be obeyed! OTK spankings and a dose of the gym slipper are the order of the day. These lads won’t sit down for a while but they’ll certainly learn what beating the bounds means. Hot and stinging school boy action, all part of the trials of truancy for the pupils of Connaught School.

And here are some scenes from the movie:

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “The Trials of Truancy”
  1. Hi Allen

    Nick worked professionally under the name Nick Carter. We are not able to reveal details of the actor’s private lives or identities.

  2. Waouh ! What a Great pleasure to see these boys with a hard-on after the spanking !

    I love that kind of vicious nice boys ! !

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