Here is the rest of the scene from the excellent “Shooting the Messenger”, one of the OTK Spanking scenes from the sting download “Delivered by hand“, featuring a very unfortunate and sore bottomed Matt Mills

After a lecture ..

Matt is Ordered to drop his pajama pants ..

the tutor rolls up his sleeves – he means business

The tutors firm hand delivers the first of a series of stinging SMACKS onto the unhappy Matt’s bare, cane marked and still smarting bottom

Matt is really feeling it now

..but the relentless spanking continues

The bad boy whimpers in pain ….

but the well deserved punishment isn’t over yet….

A very sore and sorry Matt rubs his burning behind as he heads for his bedroom, he won’t forget that spanking in a while.


“Shooting the Messenger” is a realistic, well acted and very hot scene from a very hot compilation, I highly recommend “Delivered by Hand” which can be either downloaded, or obtained as part of Sting’s “Downloads on DVD” disc – see the links below.



By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Shooting the messenger – Spanking Matt Mills (Part 2)”
  1. I wish Sting would make more domestic movies like this, it is a very sexy situation. It is one of my favorites from Downloads on DVD – Excellent performances by Matt Mills and by Rich O’Shea

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