Mike Dean and Brandon Junior in Two for the High Jump
Team games are meant to be just that, one player supporting the other to finally win the game. Unfortunately for two boys this doesn’t seem to apply. Tired of their bad behaviour on the sports field the Headmaster asks one of his younger staff members to get directly to the bottom of the problem and lay on a reminder of exactly how proper sportsmen should act.



???????????????????????????????The first lad Boyd (Brandon Junior) is taken over the knee and a firm hard butt scorching spanking is administered. 

???????????????????????????????His friend Baker (Mike Dean) can only look on with horror as his buddies smooth blemish free backside turns a strong shade of red, this of course in the knowledge of what’s coming next to him. 




04aThe first boy stands his bottom on fire and he is ordered to face the wall. Now over the knee Baker can really feel what he was observing earlier and there’s no doubt it stings like hell. His poor bare bottom has no defence for this younger Master’s powerful palm. 



???????????????????????????????As he finally stands his bottom too is clearly burnt and scolded, both lads surely know that this is just the precursor. This opening salvo will be followed up by the broad leather strap!

09With both boys bending over in the traditional manner their already punished red raw backsides make the perfect target.



The old brown leather strap goes in to action propelled mercilessly across the whimpering lad’s sore bare bottoms. Each crack delivers a band of fire; their rounded bare cheeks carry the evidence of discipline well laid on, this is clear to see.


???????????????????????????????With the Masters arm in accurate attack behind them and the painful lash of the strap biting home both of these previously insolent boys could now easily clear any high jump. Probably now more than willingly!







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