Two In Trouble

Its amazing what some lads will get up to. Two Friends, Jerry (Austin Cook) and Peter (new StingLad Brandon Hooper) decide it would be fun to see what happens when you over cook an egg in Marco’s new microwave oven. Of course the end result is spectacular but not so funny for Macro as he returns home to find the unnecessary mess.

Now they will both get dealt with his style! First the leading perpetrator Jerry will get a good spanking in front of Peter.



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Starting on his jeans and ending on his bare bottom.






The spanking to be followed straight after by a good strapping.



TO BE CONTINUED – the second half of the pictures from “Two in Trouble” will be posted tomorrow




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Two in Trouble (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Does Brandon Hooper get spanked with any implements in this video? Or does he only get a hand spanking

    1. Hi Thomas

      This is Brandon’s first ever spanking movie, so taking a Marco style hand spanking what big challenge for him. Hopefully if he stays with Sting he will be able to progress to taking implements.

  2. This is bizarre, almost ridiculous. Shot with the Czech straight boys in the Czech Republic, they speak Czech, or very broken English. Almost no one gives a shit about the U.S. in this country (these days even less than ever!), and yet, there’s this out-of-place omnipresent prop of the U.S. flag… completely weird. I wonder what is its role in the spanking of the Czech boys…?? LOL

    1. Hi Macek

      Sorry about the flag, it is a prop generally used in the “Discipline USA” and “No Stars Just Stripes” series and had been put there when the other set was being changed. When this video was shot the Film crew and director, who are incidentally all Czech, didn’t really notice that it was out of place.

      Later, when the video was being edited, it was decided that as it is a great video it would be a huge waste to dump the footage because of one slightly incongruous prop which is largely out of shot anyway.

      Also, as the video was released on July 4th it seemed an appropriate salute to US Independence Day!!

      1. I really don’t see what the big deal is. I rather liked it and I’m critical of everything LOL.

    2. LOL it was July the 4th release USA Independance Day and you did not get that thus USA flag tribute I got that and Im 72 years old

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