As one of an occasional series revisiting some of Sting’s earlier DVDs, we meet the popular actor David who among his many roles appeared in Instruments of Persuasion. In a story entitled “All Smoked Out” which runs through the DVD, between other scenes, David is featured in two scenes during which his magnificent bare bottom is punished by two of the various Instruments of persuasion in the title.

The first of these is the cane, which David receives after he and a buddy are caught smoking at school

Later that same day ………..

When David gets home later that day, he is introduced to a second instrument of persuasion the Razor Strop, which his Dad uses on him when he discovers David has been punished at school

David also appears in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2, in which he receives the French Martinete and also a firm hand spanking.


By Bruce

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