The Video Preview for

Kiwi Coach 2

Starring Finn Harper and James Holt

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Kiwi Coach 2 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Kiwi Coach 2 – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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Title 2257

Guess we know who won’t be sitting down for a while!!

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Video Preview for Kiwi Coach 2”
  1. Fantastic. Finn does not let us down, just the tonic needed in this time of lockdown. Well done Sting, more similar scenarios please.

  2. Amazing, Finn does not disappoint. I’m a huge fan of Finn and have enjoyed watching his progression on Sting. The attention to detail and setting were excellent. Finn looks great in the shorts and long socks. Appreciated the cheeky introduction before James applied the cane.
    Loved the momentum building as the cane was administered firstly on the shorts. Its always a treat to see what underwear Finn is wearing and the tight blue underwear was definitely worth waiting for. Great to see the cane being applied while Finn still had his underwear on. Then the final reveal, challenging for Finn, as the cane rained down, but enjoyable for us as we saw Finns backside turn a delicate shade of red. I also enjoyed the way Finn was positioned with his perfectly rounded backside sticking out to receive the cane. Later over James knee the angle was perfect and also showcased Finns amazing long legs. James gave Finn a hard OTK spanking which was delightful to watch on top of the caning. The video was a perfect 10.
    With Finns perfect performance and great facial expressions it leaves you thinking about the next instalment for Finn.
    It would be great to see the cane brought out again and used on Finns perfect backside, however in the mean time Finn receiving a hard OTK spanking, slippering or belting would also be wonderful, while we wait.
    Thanks to James who performed his role well and was looking great in those tight white shorts. Also are we overdue for a James update, receiving the cane maybe?
    Thanks to all for a great production at Sting, and once again to Finn, we are eagerly awaiting your next episode!

  3. Hi Bruce
    I noticed a recent post on Stings twitter account under ‘Cause and Effect’ featuring some very fine looking guys. After a few searches still can’t seem to locate it. If the video is still available would you point me in the right direction when convenient . Thanks, E

  4. This is a really good video. Finn rarely shows any emotion but this time James Holt definitely gets his attention. The welts of the cane show quite clearly and the subsequent hand spanking must have been very painful. Finn’s reactions show that.
    Well done Sting. Well done James but particularly “Well Done” Finn!!!

    1. I’ve always found Finn seems to show his emotions during a spanking from his facial expressions to his vocal discomfort but this was Finn first canning some models struggle to take it more than others but once they build up there resistance slightly the cane followed by an OTK hand spanking can make for great content. 🙂

  5. Having re-watched Kiwi Coach 2 with Finn rising to the challenge superbly I did want to comment on what a great Job James Holt did. Spartan above puts it so well, ‘James Holt definitely gets his (Finns) attention.’

    James is a real feature and great asset to Sting in either role as spanker or spankee. In this particular role I think he really shined with his no nonsense approach and command of the situation – Sting are masters at setting the scene and James really added to the plot. He administered the caning and spanking superbly and also looked very hot while doing it. (Tight white shorts were excellent). Hopefully James will be receiving another hard OTK spanking and/or caning himself in the not too distant future, however he was exceptional in his role this time adding to the authenticity of the situation .Well done James.

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