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Not Very Sporting

Starring Lucas Taylor and James Holt

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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Video Preview for Not Very Sporting”
  1. What a lovely day to start a cold snowy day here in the UK.
    Young Lucas is fast developing into one of my favourite Sting boys and so reminds me of the 18 year old boys I used to teach.
    The download features some excellent shots of his smooth bottom and the anguish on his face when its being caned,
    To complete Lucas’s cp inventory he now needs to be slippered and how great that would be if it was a school scene with another young model.
    Thank you Lucas and thank you Sting.

  2. Fabulous video. Love how vocal he is. The hand spanking has a particular intensity that makes it especially erotic.

  3. Lucas gives a very realistic performance of a naughty boy being punished. A change to witness the use of the cane in a domestic situation and a really intense over the knee spanking as well. Well done to Lucas and not forgetting James. Would love to see Lucas paired with Finn, we haven’t had a dual scene for a while, it would be well received for sure.

    1. I too found the use of the cane in this domestic scenario intriguing and it added a delicious frisson to Lucas’s punishment to think that a boy’s dad would keep a cane to discipline him with. Interestingly, it does remind me of a schoolfriend who was one of four brothers (all with very pert bottoms!). With four young lads in the house, discipline had to be very strict and the leather belt and slipper were in almost daily use across the bottom of one or other of the boys! However, if you keep a lithe and supple cane for when he felt the lads needed rather more severe discipline! This cane came out when any of them had been especially naughty and all four of the boys were able to bear eloquent testimony to its stinging suppleness!

      I know I’m old-fashioned, but I do believe that if there was more discipline in the home, we’d have far less yobbery and anti-social behaviour around in our society than we do!

  4. Oh, my only summer hat! This video was nothing less than a high-powered rocket to Spankers’ Heaven! It just has got absolutely everything and, having bought it just this evening, I have already watched it four times! And it just gets better with the watching!

    Like Michael Brown above, I find that young Lucas is fast developing into a massive favourite with me! He has it all – a slender, boyish physique, youthful good looks, a pert, well-rounded, super-smackable bottom – and he is such a brat! And brattiness, as we all know, has to be spanked out of boys – time-outs, deprivation therapy, grounding – forget them all! The only real way with a naughty boy like Lucas is a good smacked bottom! And boy, does he get one!

    I realised this clip was a must for my collection of spanking videos the moment Lucas came into the room looking sulky and in a sports’ strip that could just have been designed to wear for a spanking! Short-sleeved football jersey, VERY short shorts, dark-blue ones at that and short ankle socks – a perfect ensemble for discipline! He reminds me very much of an Irish lad dressed for sport in a Gaelic Athletic Association strip, which includes really short shorts, in which those young Irish lads look VERY spankable indeed!

    Being bent over the raised knee is getting the worst of two worlds! There’s all the humiliation for an older lad of being laid submissively over the knee like a naughty junior! And then, of course, he is well and truly bent over with his bottom perfectly positioned for smacking! In Lucas’ case, the short shorts definitely enhance the smackableness of his cheeky little bottom as he bends over James’ knee to be punished, his face showing that he has a good idea just what’s coming! The tightness of the shorts shows up the outline of the legs of Lucas’s underpants which are clearly a good tight pair that look well pulled up, as indeed turns out to be case as he takes his shorts down! And what a great pair of spankingwear, showing Lucas to be a committed wearer of coloured underpants, which we already know from seeing him getting his bottom thrashed previously! The so totally spanky combination of really short shorts and coloured underpants is, if I’m not mistaken, a first for Sting and I hope it won’t be the last because it is the peak, the zenith, the Ultima Thule, of boner-makers! Please let us have this big-time mega-turn-on again, and very soon!

    Boys vary in their pain-thresholds and Lucas’s seems to be delectably low as his yelping, whimpering, kicking his very smackable legs out and squirming around across James’s knee make very plain! However, after an intense and very thorough spanking that produces a rich pink glow all around his perky little bum, he takes thirty-five hard strokes of the cane across his very bare buttocks! A severe and awesome punishment by any boy’s standards and it is clear he is finding it hard-going! Small wonder that afterwards he sits down (visibly wincing!) with his head in his hands looking the picture of misery and humiliation! I am a very strict disciplinarian and when I lay on corporal punishment, I do so with the utmost severity! I don’t see any point in a spanking or a caning, strapping or belting across the arse, or a whipping across the back that doesn’t truly HURT and make a lad yelp out loud! However, I don’t have a heart of stone, and I must say poor old Lucas, in the last few seconds of this video, did somewhat tear at the old heart-strings!

    I would add my voice to the request to see Lucas paired up with young Finn. Another sports or school scenario with these two naughty, pert-bottomed, rascally boys would be just be the cat’s ass! In the meantime, thank you, young Lucas, and James and all at Sting for a super clip and one that is definitely going in my file of video favourites!

  5. I just have one question, Bruce, concerning the underpants young Lucas is wearing in this film. We have seen at least two other boys smacked in briefs the same colour, Finn, of course being the last one, wearing them for the cane. Is it just a coincidence that the lads all have a pair of underpants the same colour stored in their respective pants-drawers, or is this particular pair of pants one that is issued to the Stinglads on particular occasions? Not that I’m complaining, you understand – they could have been designed as spankingwear and it is great to see them given another wearing if that is the case.

  6. Thanks to all those who have commented, I am glad you all enjoyed this video. Lucas is becoming a popular and reliable member of the Sting cast, and he was certainly a brave trooper when making this video, which would be a challenge to any actor.

    In reply to Dr van Spanking’s question about the underpants. The pants Lucas wears at the beginning of this film do look similar to a pair worn by Finn Harper in a previous video, but that may well be a coincidence. The actors frequently wear their own clothes and underwear, especially in modern day scenarios. However, Sting also have many pairs of pants in the costume department which the Director may better suited to the story than the actors own, or if the naughty boys decided to “go commando” that day!

  7. What a video! Had not been aware of ‘Not very Sporting’ until your twitter post. Lucas wearing the very short shorts, sweat shirt, socks – perfect. James delivers an intense spanking which is amazing. Spanking firstly over the shorts, then underwear before the final reveal all adds to the excitement and momentum. Elevated spanking position over the raised knee is perfect too.The visuals are great and the caning was a fitting conclusion to such a high quality video.

    James Holt is definitely one of my favourites at Sting.
    and looks incredible here.
    I do miss James being spanked however he does an excellent job here of giving Lucas a hard spanking.
    If Finn Harper could be featured in a future ‘Not very Sporting’ it would be amazing. Would love to see Finn being spanked by James in the elevated position – and given a spanking that at least equals the intensity Lucas received. Perfect if Finn could be wearing those short shorts too. Its also been awhile since we’ve seen James and Finn Together. Always a great combination.
    Looking forward to what Sting has in store for the New Year. Please more James and Finn for 2022!

    (And hopefully we can get Finn in those shorter shorts in a kiwi college/headmasters study feature…much appreciated)

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