The Video Preview for

Packet In!

Starring Finn Harper and Dorian Easton

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For the next three weeks a high definition, version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Packet In! – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Packet In! – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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Title 2257

By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Video Preview for Packet In!”
    1. Hi HRH, There is a slang expression in Britain “Pack it in!” which means stop what you are doing. The title is a play on that but using “packet” as a pun om “Packet of cigarettes!

      I hope the explanation translates into American better than the title does!!! LOL

    1. I can confirm that Dorrian’s rubber soled flip-flops will be put to good use in a forthcoming video!!

        1. @hisroyalheinie

          Interesting the minute I see a man in flip flops I flop out!! Haha… No but seriously I was put of by those flip flops the minute I see Dorians feet I was like oh no oh no no no!! 😝 🤣

  1. Hi Bruce, what up at Sting? All we seem to get offered now are repeats which I for one all ready have.

  2. Hi Michael
    I am sorry for the brief hiatus, but things have been held up at Sting.  This has been partly due to personal issues. Also, as you may be aware, the  Czech Republic (Czechia) where the Sting studio is based has been subject to very stringent lock down regulations in recent weeks, which has resulted in unavoidable delays. 

    However, I am pleased to tell you that they hope to release a new video very shortly, hopefully this weekend.

    We hope things will be back to normal shortly

  3. I should jhave added that any new films Sting releases was filmed a coulple of weeks ago and now in the editing process. Any studio shooting films in the Czech republic during the latest covid restrictions is breaking the law and should think carefully.

  4. Mike and Vince

    I am sorry I was not totally honest with you guys yesterday. The statement on the site explains the current situation


  5. This video is a real “sleeper”. it sneaked under my radar, so to speak. But I have found it, and I am so glad I did! The price is right too!

    Dorian Easton is a very hunky top. (His English is a bit better than the other models too.) I wish you could have persuaded him to play the bottom role in some Sting videos, but I understand that ship has sailed.

    Finn Harper is a cute lad and he does a very good job of grunting and grimacing as he is spanked, but I wish his response to his spanking had been even more demonstrative – kicking and spreading his legs, squirming over Dorian’s lap, resisting being spanked, yelling in pain, crying, etc. He should have taken spanking lessons from Tim Ptacek, Leonardo King or Luke Adams! Still, his response to his spanking was better than many Sting models.

    However, this video is a real treat for OTK fans. Dorian douses Finn’s sports shorts with water before spanking him OTK – a nice touch. Then he pulls Finn’s shorts down to spank the lad OTK on the seat of his briefs. THEN he pulls Finn’s briefs down to spank him OTK on his bare ass. FINALLY he makes Finn remove his shorts and briefs entirely to spank Finn’s bare ass when the lad is naked from the waist down. Almost 6 minutes of uninterrupted OTK spanking – an OTK bargain!

    Bruce, you should make more OTK videos like this. I would recommend Tim Ptacek for the bottom role.

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