The video Preview for

Put The Phone Down

with Marco and Andy Easton

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Put the Phone Down – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Put the Phone Down – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview for “Put the Phone Down””
  1. I have just returned from a great relaxing holiday and my only regret was missing my regular fixes from Sting, Can you therefore imagine my delight when looking on the Sting website to find not one but four new releases. I have already commented on Pushing their luck but having purchased as well the following I must make some further remarks.
    First pushing Their Luck – a great scene of David Swanson being caned over great fitting grey trousers and then over of white pants which displayed his bottom to perfection. Evan is again in the film and the hand spanking scene showing his bottom in close up with his ball and willy hanging down to perfection.

    Next our Dear Robin in Jimmy. Brilliant acting by Robin he really did look as if he was suffering a hang over from the demon drink. Bottom made to glow by the kitchen spatula and well finished off by Marcos hand.

    Last Andy in Put the Phone Down. This young man is really pushing Robin hard in who can absorb the most punishment and his bare bottom when bent over the sofa with its sharp slim contours pushed out just right is such a delight to behold.

    Can I take it that as we have had such a number of recent downloads Sting are now back to full steam?

      1. You couldn’t have given me a hotter response than that. Perhaps a “farm discipline” scenario is in order!

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